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330 yuan! Apple expands iPhone 5S, 6, 6S purchase – Sohu digital   apple is still expanding iPhone to old exchange standards, and they also launch a new activity, which many users are willing to see. U.S. media reports said that Apple will soon launch a new old exchange program, that is, the screen, camera or Home key damage iPhone, you can add money to buy the latest iPhone, and this is not allowed before, only the user to spend money to repair. Apple has expanded its scope to encourage users to actively upgrade their iPhone, of course, and in some cases, the cost of buying a new iPhone is lower than that of repairing damaged parts. As for the most concerned about the old exchange for new standard, iPhone 5S is $50, iPhone 6 is $200, iPhone 6 Plus is $250, do not know such a price, how do you feel? In addition, Apple also intends to launch iPhone official film program in its own retail stores, the current partner is Belkin, before the apple retail store is unable to install screen protection film for iPhone users.   330元起!苹果扩大iPhone 5S、6、6S换购-搜狐数码   苹果还在扩大iPhone以旧换新的标准,同时他们还要推出一个新的活动,这是不少用户相当愿意看到的。   美国媒体报道称,苹果即将推出新的以旧换新计划,那就是显示屏、摄像头或Home键损坏的iPhone,都可以加钱换购最新款iPhone,而这在之前是不被允许,只能用户花钱来维修。   报道中提到,苹果之所以扩大换新的范围,主要是向鼓励用户积极的去升级自己的iPhone,当然在某些情况下,买一部新iPhone的费用比修理受损部件还要低。   至于大家最关心的以旧换新换购标准是,iPhone 5S为50美元,iPhone 6为200美元,iPhone 6 Plus为250美元,不知道这样的价格,大家感觉如何?   此外,苹果还打算在自家的零售店推出iPhone官方贴膜计划,目前找来的合作伙伴是贝尔金,之前苹果零售店是不能为iPhone用户安装屏幕保护膜。  相关的主题文章: