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PR Throughout recent years the sales of televisions have continued to rise even through the economic troubles. The switchover to digital, the advent of larger displays, high definition technology and the brand new 3D format has helped grab attention and push sales each year with consumers constantly keeping up with technology. Most notably television size has increased dramatically no longer taking up a small portion of the corner of a front room. They now need a considerable amount of space and are most useful sitting in a prominent position above a fireplace or main wall. This brings with it a number of issues; aesthetically it can ruin the look of a room, most television manufacturers still employ low cost plastic as their choice of frame not in-keeping with a beautiful marble fireplace or elegant fixtures and fittings. Along comes a unique technology that overcomes these issues without compromising picture quality: Mirror Television. Hung on the wall or neatly recessed, they appear as an elegant mirror as it should be, creating the feeling of space in a room and complimenting lighting and furnishings. Press the power button on the remote control and suddenly the mirror bursts into life becoming a vibrant full HD television with integrated digital TV, hidden speakers and technology adept to making it controllable by pretty much any system on the market. The mirror TV was dreamt about in the late 80s, talked about and produced over the nineties, but now technology has matured enough to boast a solution that is regarded by Interior Designers and architects as the perfect solution and looked at by consumers as being the product to aspire to. Useful Features Include: Televisions are designed specifically to operate in ventilation deprived areas. Framing and recessing present no problems. Slim profile means they can literally hang on the wall if retro-fitting is the only option. The unique mounting system ensures that the front of the monitor touches the rear of the glass ensuring optimum viewing quality. Designed to be used in wet environments IP rating is achievable on all screens on installation. The remote controls use special RF frequencies as normal Infrared remote signals would bounce back from the mirror. The built in tuner is a hybrid analogue and digital receiver. As you would expect the next generation Mirror TVs are believed to be fully compliant with the latest 3D technology and utilise the latest HD freeview and freesat options out there. The market is expecting them to be available early 2011 in addition to other exciting announcements yet to be made. As technology continues to progress so too will the televisions themselves. Their unobtrusive dual-use makes them an ideal accompaniment for most rooms and is helping to spread popularity amongst consumers. Why have a large, ugly television when you can have a beautiful mirror which becomes a screen at the flick of a switch. Already luxury hotels have incorporated mirror TVs into their suites to gain an edge over their competitors always looking to have something special to wow their guests. Certainly a product that generates a lot of interest and intrigue, Mirror TVs look set to be on the luxury must have list for years to come. Vincent Rogers is a freelance writer who recommends Magic Mirror TV, providers of bespoke mirror televisions, combining technology and beautiful design. LUXURITE announced that it will launch its Mirror TV product line. You have quite a few options ranging from Wide and Slim, classic style and modern.The crystal black reflective glass thats made with metal oxide deposit makes sure that you get high performance When you switch of the Mirror LCD Television, the surface becomes reflective. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: