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Real-Estate There are many reasons why someone may want to buy a property, and these reasons are not always to do with the joy of owning your own home. Many people buy a property as a home. Some people buy property for purely business reasons, and have no emotional attachment to what they have bought. One of the most important considerations for people who are about to buy a property is financial. Some people may have access to plenty of money and they may be able to pay cash. Most people will have to get a mortgage to fund their property purchase. The mortgage is essentially a loan, and getting a mortgage enables them to pay off the loan over a number of years. Many people will buy a property as a permanent home for themselves and their families. They will put any spare money they have into decorating and furnishing the property. They will work on the garden and the outside of the house to make it all look good. Such people will often take great pride in their home and the way they have improved it over the years. The economy, and house prices, both appear to move in waves, upward and downward. So we will see a number of years of growth, followed by a downward trend for a few years. Usually the upward move is a gentle slope which keeps going in an upward direction for many years. The downward moves are however characterized by sharp drops followed by rises and then further sharp drops. Some people buy a property to make money at the end of a recession, if they feel that prices have dropped sufficiently and are not going to drop any lower. There are many people who buy a property as an investment vehicle, particularly in the case of people buying property in up and .ing areas. They may buy the property in a dilapidated state for a low price, and spend time and money renovating the house or apartment to make it habitable and attractive on the rental market. Once the property is in such a position, the owner may want to rent it out to tenants. They will hope that the in.e that they get from their tenants covers their mortgage payments and the costs of maintaining the property. Such costs are usually paid by the landlord who owns the property and not the tenants. Some people may buy a property and regret it afterwards for various different reasons. For example they may have over-extended themselves financially and then find that their financial circumstances have changed, which causes them hardship. Another reason could be that they have noisy neighbours who disturb them at all hours of the night and day. Or they may have rented their house or apartment out to bad tenants who do not pay the rent or do not take care of their responsibilities as tenants of the property. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: