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About 300000 to buy Land Rover or Mercedes Benz found God PK Mercedes Benz GLC if someone asks you: see "Land Rover" and "Mercedes Benz" can think of the first? I do not know what kind of answer will be given, but I know the answer given in the "Land Rover" here must be the most "off-road", "Mercedes Benz" here must be the most luxurious". Because off-road and luxury is the most concentrated reflection of Land Rover and Mercedes Benz brand advantage vocabulary. Extreme off-road king, 2017 Mercedes Benz GLC Class blockbuster hits today we compared two car models are the Land Rover found God (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 2016 2.0T SE (hereinafter referred to as: God) and Mercedes Benz GLC2016 GLC 200 4MATIC (hereinafter referred to as: GLC). Chose these two cars compared to, one is the two car manufacturers guide price was 408 thousand yuan and 396 thousand yuan, the price is quite close, only a difference of 12 thousand yuan; the second is the two cars are the price comparisons in their cars, and the reputation of the number is not small. That God and GLC compare the price models price (yuan) price (yuan) found God 2016 2.0T SE40.8034.70 Benz GLC 2016 GLC 200 – 4MATIC39.6039.60 appearance: God found more bold, GLC highlights a gentleman (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) each have their own unique brand character, fortitude or tenderness, or flirtatious or plain, the appearance of the design is the best stage to show the brand personality. Today these two cars have different personality characteristics, found God Land Rover brand as the youngest models, Land Rover will be derived from bone marrow rough to touch pen more rounded to display, so although it looks round circle of the brain, but the overall impression of the visual experience or more domineering. GLC is the Mercedes Benz brand of medium SUV, the appearance of design in fashion at the same time, also appears to be more harmonious, generous, looks very good to hear or see. Found God and GLC respectively using Dueler H P tires Pirelli Scorpion Verde and Bridgestone, the comparison of the two, the former is more emphasis on off-road performance, while the latter is more concerned about speed stability. Spotted leopard know, we can see from the details of the two cars in the positioning of subtle differences. Differences in the above table we can clearly see that the two vehicles in the external configuration, that God is used although xenon light, but the light configuration is more abundant; and while the GLC headlight configuration rich degree is used but slightly inferior, LED light source, the radiation effect is very good night. In addition, GLC equipped with electric sunroof and roof rack is found on God did not have on the line (found that God can not open the skylight line), in this regard, GLC’s performance is better. Overall, this is a problem in Different people, different views. outward appearance design, here we are not a good conclusion, can only say that God and the appearance of GLC)相关的主题文章: