Advantages Of Letter Of Credit-googims

The letter of credit is a statement issued by one party on another undertaking to honour the documents covering the shipment of goods on presentation provided the goods are shipped in time according to the terms and conditions as stipulated in the letter of credit. There are different varieties of letter of credit namely; a)Documentary letter of credit and clean letter of credit; b)Revocable and irrevocable letters of credit; c)Confirmed and unconfirmed letters of credit; d)Fixed and revolving letters of credit; e)With and without recourse letters of credit; f)Transferable and non transferable letters of credit; g)Back to back letters of credit; h)Red clause letter of credit etc. The letter of credit offers several advantages both to the importer and exporter. Advantages to the importer: 1.The importer (buyer) can purchase goods on credit from foreign merchants who do not know him and may not rely upon his standing. This is possible only through the letter of credit issued by the banker; 2.The importer is assured that the exporter cannot obtain any benefit under the letter of credit, without actually shipping the merchandise and handing over the documents to the bank; 3.The issuing banker lends the advantage of his own credit to the importer, who is able to securer better terms of trade from the foreign supplier. This will be impossible without bankers letter of credit. 4.When banks are willing to assume the credit risks of the importer, shipping documents are surrendered to him in return for his trust receipt and thus goods are released. Advantages to the exporter: a)Certainty of payment: When it comes to the parties; namely the importer and exporter as mentioned in the letter of credit, even though the importer and exporter are not known to each other, since the letter of credit provides an absolute assurance on the part of the importer that the bills will be honoured as per the terms of the agreement, the exporter is very certain of his payment at all times. b)Exchange security: Possession of a bankers letter of credit tends to eliminate for the exporter, the risk of trade control or exchange control regulations in the country of the importer, preventing or regulating payment to the former by the time when the payment becomes due. c)Credit facilities: The exporter can secure loans from his bank to buy or manufacture the goods to be supplied on the strength of the letter of credit d)Discounting facilities: The bills of exchange drawn under the letter of credit are readily discounted (negotiated with the advising/confirming banker or any other banker, because of the firm undertaking given by the opening banker. 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