Agency gold market too much to see the warning, after the rise has plummeted 河北工程大学成教学院

Agency: gold market too much to see warning, after the boom has plummeted FX168 news Monday (February 8th), the gold market continues to show strong performance this year, the price of gold rose by 1190 U.S. dollars ounce, and even touched the top level of $1200 ounce. Triland Metals pointed out that Friday’s massive option trading led to the price of gold being raised to $1173 ounce, while Monday’s new fluctuation in the stock market pushed the price of gold to the critical region of 1190 to 1200 U.S. dollars ounce. Triland Metals believes that, in the medium term, the downside of technology has become a question. "Gold is still in the danger zone, but after such a rise, the market changes too much to see more." The agency pointed out that in 2014, the gold price was higher than the 200 day average of 6%, but then fell by 14%. "Gold prices also rose in early 2015, and there are many similarities to this year." Triland Metals says the only difference this year is the pressure on the stock market. Whether gold can continue the attraction of hedge assets is questionable." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

机构:黄金市场过度看多 警告此前大涨后皆有大跌   FX168讯 周一(2月8日)黄金市场继续今年以来的强势表现,金价大涨突破1190美元 盎司,甚至一度触及1200美元 盎司上方水平。   Triland Metals指出,上周五大量期权的交易使得金价被推高到1173美元 盎司水平,而周一股票市场新出现的波动使得金价被推到1190至1200美元 盎司的关键区域内。   Triland Metals认为,中期而言,技术面的下行已经成为了疑问。“黄金依然在危险区域,但在这样的上涨后,市场变动过度看多。”   该机构指出,在2014年金价一度高过200日均线6%,但此后下跌了14%。   “2015年年初金价也有上涨,和今年有很多相似之处。”Triland Metals称,今年唯一的区别在于股市所出现的压力。   “黄金能否延续避险资产的吸引力,还值得商榷。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: