Ajax for the excellent state of history with the Reds won the first victory in Europe candle june

Ajax: for the excellent state of history with the Reds winning the European war victory Ajax VS Standard Liege Ajax in a serious loss of personnel, the new season main striker Milic and goalkeeper Silayson have turned to the general assembly, have a certain impact on the strength of the team. But the team did not in the summer to the line-up for reinforcement, so the overall strength of Ajax’s decline over the previous year, from the Champions League playoff was the Russian super upstart Rostov could see out of the squad as before. But Ajax recent state is very good, for a 5-1 victory over lowly Zhang home court, in 3 competitions won all at the same time, a total of 12 goals scored and conceded only 1 goals, the team showed a reign of terror force on both ends. Team in the first round of the Europa group 2-1 away victory over Panna Sin Nakos, this battle if you can continue to win at home, then the line will be very clear prospects. Belgian Club Standard Liege last season won the Belgian cup champion, and won the Europa seat group phase, the team in the first round of group phase 1-1 with the Spanish team CELTA home court. Standard Liege recent League performance, to a 3-0 win over Auburn home court, the league has achieved three victories at the same time all zero closure opponents, defending very well. At present the product Standard Liege 1 points in the team ranked second in the group, the team to qualify, this battle guest must not be lost. The game was 1.66-3.75-5.00 BET365 Europe Asia plate, chupan Lord let half water, with a lot of confidence outside of Ajax’s home court to win that strength. By injection, BET365 day instant adjustment for 1.61-4.20-6.00, the disc handicap has risen to the Lord let a ball high water, Ajax confidence for the home team visible companies are further improved. Although Ajax this season but leave the main recent record and the state is very good, both sides played a dominant performance, while the Standard Liege do well in the overall strength, in the face of European experience is very rich in Ajax, this battle away fear less empty doje. This promotion: 3 miners miners recently state VS Braga hot, nearly ten games unbeaten, and achieved 9 wins and 1 terrorist record. In the 10 game the team scored 19 goals conceded 4 goals, averaging a goal difference of up to 1.5, the last round of the Europa team at the group phase with a 1-0 victory over the Europa this season konyaspor made the race victory, the game back home court, believe the team can have a larger explosion power. The recent performance of Braga barely passed, the new season after the start of the tournament 4 wins 2 flat 2 negative, of which two defeats are lost to Benfica, the morale of the team will inevitably hit points. In the 8 games, the team lost a total of 11 goals, averaging more than 1.4 conceded relatively little, the team’s defensive ability to be strengthened. The last round of the Europa team is not winning group phase, 1-1 and Pinggente harvest only 1 points. The strength of the game is not a small gap between the two teams, but also from the state of the miners相关的主题文章: