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UnCategorized Sleep apnea is a health condition that causes a person to stop breathing at night for a second or so. It can be a simple or serious condition depending on the severity of the symptoms. The most .mon among the symptoms of sleep apnea is the feeling of always tired. This symptom is usually felt during day time. This is because people who are diagnosed with sleep apnea are not able to get good sleep at night. When sleep is not good, you body will not feel so good in the morning as well. Tiredness associated with sleep apnea is not .mon tiredness because it can last for a long time. Because it is constant tiredness, it can directly affect your daily activities. For some people, they also experience irritability after getting a bad quality sleep from sleep apnea. Aside from tiredness, sleep apnea can also cause people to snore loudly when sleeping. People with this condition are usually not aware of their loud snores unless their partners tell them about it. Sleep apnea sufferers only be.e aware of the snoring episodes at night when they start to feel sluggish the next day. Snoring can make you feel terribly tired because the body is constantly working instead of working when you are sleeping. Good sleep is very essential for everyone. Without good sleep, the body will not be able to repair itself. It is also important to know that the body does a different repair and renewal process in every stage of sleep. If one stage is disrupted by sudden disturbances, the whole cell renewal process will also be disrupted and the body will not be able to .plete it. This can make you lose your energy the next day and it can also make you more vulnerable to several health issues. Tiredness is not only associated with sleep apnea, it is also associated in other more serious health conditions. Examples of these are CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, hypothyroidism and anemia. Why should you be concerned so much about tiredness? Tiredness is more than what you think it is. It may be a .mon condition for most people in world. However, tiredness can greatly affect your activities. For instance, tiredness is often associated with weakness. If your work requires physical energy, you will not be able to work well when you are feeling tired. It is also associated with lack of focus and concentration. If your work requires focus or if you are studying, there is a high possibility that you have difficulties in doing these activities because you are experiencing fatigue. What can you do to deal with the situation? There are several things you can do. For instance, you can take naps in the afternoon if you are really very tired. Taking naps for about 20 to 30 minutes will help the body renew energy. You can also go to your doctor and ask advice about the tiredness you feel all the time. You should also give importance to sleep. Having a good sleeping habit can help tremendously in dealing with tiredness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: