Asamoto map from the Song Dynasty to immortals on how far living overseas

"Asamoto map" from the Song Dynasty to immortals on how far living overseas original title: "asamoto map" the hands of immortals due to the Song Dynasty painter Wu Zongyuan Huang Dade made the "asamoto map" the immortals comments and Tibet and India after the generation of collectors and dealers to cut, and the Yellow seedling zangyuan postscript the blue sun has lost, so the map of the hands can not be accurately verified. In the end "asamoto map" to immortals since the Song Dynasty retained, and was living in Guangdong? This is probably not known. However, according to the information available, the map of Guangdong in the past hundred years of the situation can be handed over a comb. Chaoyuan celestial cane (painting) Song Wuzongyuan in the local literature, "Chaoyuan celestial cane" first appeared in "often (four other vegetarian Diary)" (Xie Lansheng, Li Ruoqing and other finishing, Guangdong people’s publishing house, 2014 Edition), followed by record: August 12, 1825: "a British nursery to Song Wuzongyuan" Chaoyuan map ", is very good. This figure was only half, Zhao Wenmin is really a pen order, foreign matter." In 1828 September the beginning of the five day: "Lu Yingpu told Wu Zongyuan to" asamoto map "." In September 17th of the same year: "for the title" the Lu Yingpu asamoto map ", is a song in the Zhao Songxueba Wu munemoto pen." September 20th: "Lu Yingpu read to Ishida a painting, and not really bad, but not really good song Zhu Qingxiang," the asamoto map "has been sent to the complex." Therefore, it has been living in Guangzhou at the beginning of nineteenth Century. The reservoir is Yingpu lu. Lu Yingpu, Shunde, very rich collection. Sheran was born in 1828 in red paper for the cold gold inscriptions. This figure and Chen Tongjun. Chen Tongjun, the word Feng Weng, "read them up," Ying Chuan Lu "fly mallard", the people of Shunde. Chen Tongjun in 1915 (1915) Mid Autumn Festival (paper), postscript record the collection of the original painting and postscript reason damage: "Wu Daozi the asamoto map, south of the Five Ridges fort, the South China Sea (Note: should Shunde Lushi Tibet IV) after the vicissitudes of life, Lushi is still new, all abandon previous zhenmi to shop, bought, or romance. August 1915 Wu Shuo, Guangdong West and North River concurrent, ground water depth of more than ten feet. The fire is to rush, danger, only articles Gaoshi Ni thin chamber poetry and his wife Zhao Wenmin, cooperation of orchid and bamboo roll, roll back to the track alone Wu Ke Jingzhong, Zhao Yuer like to loss. Remember three way Mieding, flooding in six, though there is little loss, Woon Atsuko." In view of the sequence of Ke Zhao, was damaged, Chen Tongjun memories added as follows: Zhao Bayun, Yushan Gu Zhongying donated this volume and Taoist Yu Yanxiang Tibet ten years, even to see, Cheng Qi Bao also. But not know Han Stone God, can enjoy the fresh. The person is on the clothes don’t, fan without turbulence, simple and exhaustive, huanpei flying, beginning to know the myriads of changes, Cao Yi water, solid non empty reputation and excellent drawing skills and elegant style. Ke Jin Bian sequence that break, more than North Pearl of ancient Silk chariot paintings, abandoned the road, separates the scale necessary frontispiece, we fear no catastrophe, and the volume at the reunion after parting, attentively, all in the southeast of two emperors and protectors. The method that also can not Xi Bi, according to Takemune Shimotoasamoto of immortals, since the dynasty has returned to the Xiangyue Jia Sheng Tang, newspaper sites相关的主题文章: