Asia Pacific’s most innovative university ranking 75 USTC failed accident helmet怎么读

Asia Pacific’s most innovative university ranking 75: USTC failed accident provinces Vocational College toudangxian three batch Toudang line to know the university volunteer volunteer hall get rid of sorting three errors at the 23 essential terms of voluntary volunteer college entrance examination ranking positioning method of combat skills how to choose the university discipline and professional enrollment data reference of university ranking selection of university enrollment key points ranking professional test for recommended institutions learn what professional volunteer candidates with the three step to query Sina News on August 31st, Reuters released a 75 in the Asia Pacific region the most innovative university rankings. Japan and South Korea occupy the top 20 universities in the list of the top 17 seats, the list of the top ten is the University of Korea and Japan monopoly. The University of Tsinghua and Peking University ranked highest in thirteenth, 16; Beijing University of Chemical Technology (scores, professional settings), East China University of Science and Technology outstanding performance; University of Science & Technology China failed, surprise. The Asia Pacific region list selected the most innovative university is the Korea Institute of science and Technology (KAIST), second is the University of Tokyo of Japan, South Korea is the third University of Seoul. The list of colleges China amounted to 22, the mainland accounted for 18, Hongkong accounted for 4, the school is on the list of most countries, but the number is generally not high. Tsinghua University and Peking University ranked the top thirteenth points, the top 16. Look at the list of China’s 22 universities which have, how their ranking. List shows that the mainland to enter the list of the vast majority of the 985 institutions, only Beijing University of Chemical Technology, East China University of Science and Technology, the two institutions are also among them. Description of the two schools of innovation ability is not the same, and ranked more than the other 985 institutions. As C9 institutions in the University of Science & Technology China actually not on the list, so unexpected. It is reported that this ranking is mainly based on the ten criteria to score, including the number of patents, patent, patent, the success rate of global patent citation, patent citation, patent citations and patent citation impact, the article citation impact, industry cooperation and the proportion of Web in the of core Science database plate of academic articles. The results of the final ranking reference in all aspects of the rankings. Reuters from 150 place from 2009 to 2014 published academic and government agencies in the investigation of a large number of academic papers in screening, selected ranking must be the Asia Pacific region has more than 50 patents of world-class university in 2009 to 2014. Data show that the number of South Korea and Japan, the number of patent applications on the list of universities are 7 other countries on the list of the number of patent applications as many as 2 times. According to media reports, Reuters analysis said that the performance of Chinese colleges and universities is not as good as some other countries in Asia, the main reason is that they are less submitted to the International Patent Organization Research results. The proportion of institutions outside of China to the United States, Europe and their own patent is higher, indicating that these universities are more willing to protect and commercialize their research results on the heart. Reuters also found that Chinese universities are working with companies相关的主题文章: