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Australia to tighten temporary work visa? Members called on the parts of stop – Beijing Chinese overseas network on 15 November, according to the Australian "new Express" reported that recently, the Australian Labor Party reiterated that stricter limits on immigration to hire temporary workers, stressed that Australia policy priorities by Prime Minister Turnbull accused of hypocrisy. Pauline Boleyn, a party leader, said Hanson was inspired by his policies, but the Labour Party denied it. The Australia Broadcasting Corporation reported on the former Labour leader, Xue Dayton (Bill Shorten) pointed out that Australia currently has 700 thousand people, 1 million 100 thousand people in employment unemployment level is lower than the level of business, especially Australia urged the government policy priorities. Labour shadow Employment Minister O Conner (Brendan O’Connor) said that this means that the temporary work visa system needs to be reviewed. He said: "we have a responsibility to hire local technicians. If the local people do not have the relevant technology, our long-term goal must be to train the local people to master the relevant technology, rather than all or most of the temporary work visa." Boleyn – Hansen has been inspired by Labour Party policy from a party, was denied by the president of the United States, Mr. O Conner. He said: "first of all, we respect the non discriminatory immigration policy, which is very different from a national party, our view is not from a national party. For temporary workers, we are worried about exploitation. We fear skilled workers who have performed well, and worry about the lack of job opportunities for local workers. So I think this is quite different from the views put forward by Senator Boleyn, Senator Hansen." The Labour Party hope the enterprises can recruit technical immigration before temporary workers in the visa application for the use of the 457 local first published 4 weeks of advertisement; if you need long-term recruitment, local recruitment frequency should be present once a year to once every 4 months. The Labour Party has proposed similar policies in previous elections. O Conner said that for a long time, the vast majority of enterprises are no longer recruit locals, but turned to foreign countries. We need to clear the purpose of a temporary work visa, temporary work visa is to make up for the Australian labor force, rather than replace the Australian Labor force. Since 2013, the number of temporary workers in Australia has begun to decline. O Conner said that the temporary work visa is still open to 651 jobs, many of these jobs. He said that the children’s nurses, teachers, bricklayer and carpenters are hiring foreigners, but there are local bricklayers and carpenters unemployment. The Labour Party put forward at the same time, to apply for temporary hire a large number of enterprises shall comply with the requirements of local training, people holding the 457 visa in the plumber the occupation also need to comply with the new conditions. Turnbull was accused of "hypocrisy" by the Labour Party, while the trade minister, Michael Bloomberg, accused him of threatening the 457 visa". He said that the 457 visa is an important part of Australia’s future exports of services, and now has been threatened by the labor party. The National Party members Christensen (George Christensen) called for the central and northern Queensland no longer issued 457 visas. He said: "the Central Queensland and"相关的主题文章: