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List-Building Having a list of contacts in internet marketing is like having a piece of property that you can rent to get in.e. That is how important it is! This is because you could promote your products to your list anytime you want. Not only that, you could also charge someone else for promoting their products to your list! But before we get to that stage, there is the issue of having to build the list first. Having an autoresponder alone does nothing to fill your list up with contacts. The only way that a list can be build (legally at least) is that people willingly put their names and contacts in it. By doing so, they are giving you permission to later on send them offers of your products. A Lead Capture Page (LCP) or also known as an Opt-in page is most widely used to provide a way that people can give their contact information and put themselves into your list. An LCP is basically a simple webpage form with fields such as Name , Email , Phone number or any other contact information to be filled by a visitor to the site. Simple opt-in pages sometimes just require a person to fill in only an email address. This is to make it easy and encourage people to proceed as there is not much to do. As with any webpage, the possibilities what an LCP could look like is limitless. However, it is best to keep it simple as any .plicated design may distract a visitor to the page and the list does not get built as the required information is not captured. After all, the sole purpose of having an LCP is to get people to sign up! Similar to many things on the internet, there are really no right, wrong or best design to an LCP. The trick is to test your design or layout and make improvements as you proceed. Keep track of the results of all the different versions of the same LCP until you .e up with one that gets you the best results of opt-ins. This is crucial especially if you are using paid traffic as you would definitely want to get the most out of the money spent. Aside from having a simple layout, it is a good idea to catch the attention of a visitor to the LCP with an attractive headline. Something that triggers curiosity and encourages the visitor to proceed to fill in the LCP with his contact details and submit it. Think of bulletin headlines that would attract and hold your attention and use key words like Exclusive or FREE to make visitors want to at least take a look at what you have in store for them. You could even go a step further to offer a free gift from your LCP once the visitor signs up. This is a very strong persuasion technique and has been proven to improve visitor’s responses to a website. However, the catch is that you will need to deliver on that promise of a free gift. Not only that but even though free, the gift needs to be of value to the visitor. Any sign of sub-standard quality in the free gift will brand you as just wanting to trick people into subscribing. This is very bad as your subscribers will not trust you later on and is very unlikely to respond to any offers you may want to promote. In most cases, they will just unsubscribe and remove themselves from your list. Another thing to consider is the colours used in an LCP. This is usually ignored but it can also influence the effectiveness of the LCP. I am not a colour expert but in general lighter shades will yield a better result. Again, experiment with various colours and shades to get the best conversions! Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are many software available online to automatically create Lead Capture Pages. A simple search will return many hits on such tools. This is more of a matter of preference as some people will prefer the higher level of possible customization when creating an LCP themselves. Others may favour a simple solution by using templates in the software tools mentioned above. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: