Before the divorce airborne 500 thousand wife questioned her husband – borrowing IOU false news

Before the divorce "airborne" 500 thousand wife questioned her husband – borrowing IOU false news Sohu Haixi morning news marital discord, uncle turned out an IOU, creditors, to recover 500 thousand loan. A man and a mouth that her husband borrowed this to 500 thousand uncle, but his wife A Xiang had heart doubts, and then found the doubts. In 2002, Ashanti and a married male. After living together for more than 10 years, there was a crack in his feelings. At this point, the more upset things. The second half of last year, a court summons to the Ashanti’s hand, is her husband to relatives of the borrower does not have, the couple was charged together. One, the plaintiff is a men’s uncle Lim, the reason for the prosecution is a male to forests borrowing 500 thousand, without further delay. Lim claims to Ashanti, a male couple together to repay the debt and interest. Lim said that her husband was to borrow money, for business turnover. Both sides agreed that the loan period is 12 months, a man should be repaid in November 30, 2014. A male has also issued an IOU to lim. Carefully looked at the IOUs, Ashanti found time for November 30, 2013 to borrow money, but not when borrowing IOU issued by the time, but one or two months before litigation. With signs that this is her husband Ashanti, and uncle to pit their purpose, is likely to make her less marital property in a divorce or not. After the couple naojiang, Ashanti and a male little contact. In the receive summons, Ashanti didn’t notify a male. But hearing the same day, a man appeared in court, and to confirm its forests to borrow 500 thousand yuan, but at that time the two sides have not agreed interest. All of this, let the Ashanti more sure of your previous speculation. For questions, the IOU issued by the time of the Ashanti Lim explained that in November 30, 2013 by borrowing cash payments, did not issue ious. IOU stated after expiry of the loan term, which has repeatedly to a male unsuccessful dunning. The later is a promissory note, male in the forests under the requirements issued by the. In the court that, in this case, the loan amount is huge, there is no evidence the plaintiff in the case, will give the payment in cash, with private lending trading habits; after the complement of IOUs, also do not accord with the general way of writing to confirm the facts before the borrower; the original defendant relatives, the plaintiff in the confirmation the defendant does not have the ability to repay and fill IOU, immediately filed a lawsuit, but also illogical. Ultimately, the court dismissed the claims of forests. (all characters are aliases)

离婚前“空降”50万借条 妻子质疑丈夫虚假借贷-搜狐新闻  海西晨报讯 夫妻感情不和,姑丈变身债主,拿出一张借条,上门追讨50万借款。丈夫阿男一口承认向姑丈借了这50万,但妻子阿香却心生疑惑,继而发现了重重疑点。   2002年,阿香和阿男登记结婚。共同生活了10余年后,感情出现裂缝。在这节骨眼上,更闹心的事来了。去年下半年,多张法院传票到了阿香的手上,都是丈夫向亲属借款不还,夫妻俩一起被起诉。   其中一起,原告是阿男的姑丈老林,起诉的理由是阿男向老林借款50万,迟迟不还。老林主张,要阿香、阿男夫妻俩共同偿还这笔欠款及利息。   老林称,丈夫当时借钱,是为了生意周转。双方约定借款期限为12个月,阿男应于2014年11月30日一次性还清。阿男为此还向老林出具了一张借条。   仔细看了看借条,阿香发现借钱时间为2013年11月30日,但借条出具时间不是借款之时,而是诉讼前一两个月。   结合种种迹象,阿香认为,这是丈夫和姑丈联手“坑”自己,目的可能是为了让她在离婚中少得或不得夫妻财产。   夫妻闹僵之后,阿香和阿男很少联系。在领了传票后,阿香也没将此事通知阿男。但开庭当天,阿男出现在了法庭上,且确认其曾向老林借款50万元,只不过当时双方未约定利息。这一切,让阿香更确定自己之前的推测。   针对阿香对借条出具时间的质疑,老林解释,借款于2013年11月30日通过现金支付,当时没有出具借条。借条载明的借款期限届满后,其曾多次向阿男催讨未果。后来的借条,是阿男在老林的要求下出具的。   湖里法院审理认为,本案中,借款金额巨大,原告在毫无凭证的情况下,将款项以现金形式交付,不符合民间借贷的交易习惯;之后补的借条,也不符合对之前借款事实进行确认的一般性书写方式;原被告是亲戚,原告在确认被告无能力偿还且补上借条后,马上提起诉讼,也不合常理。   最终,法院判决,驳回老林的诉讼请求。(文中人物均为化名)相关的主题文章: