Before the National Day holiday to do these three things to play the ticket money back

Before the National Day holiday do these three things to play the ticket money back – Sohu financial feel this year schedule is × 2 times the rhythm, the beginning of the development of the plan has not yet finished 10%, ushered in the last holiday this year.   long into the back after the four quarter is the root of all evil, all kinds of pressure suddenly rushed performance, various indexes and assault schedule increases, think about the people shiver all over though not cold. So, in any case National Day will complete a good play, so that we can remember when in the fourth quarter, bustling about the beauty of life. However, under the pressure of real life, we want to play completely is not easy. The tree has a very good friend, 09 years when we are still single, around the holidays around eleven to come together to travel by car. Two big boys are not ready to do what crude and careless, travel bag. I was very excited when I started out, but I couldn’t get excited in two days. The bank made a phone call to me to urge the mortgage, I just want to remember that 3 is the time of the mortgage every month, but the money is still in the stock account, now can not get out. The tree still attaches great importance to their credit, temporarily put up the play of the heart, to find a friend to borrow money on a temporary loan. Things are not serious consequences, but the excitement of the state can not find back. And my friends were also not good to go, to the 5, when there is no idea to appreciate the beauty of the window, but all the way to stare at the changes in the international foreign exchange market. Eleven although we are on vacation, but Americans do not leave, the market is still volatile, and this man also took a lot of Australian dollar trading position. At that time, the market volatility against him, he almost every few minutes to brush a cell phone. This tree to understand his mood, so enjoy the beauty again say duanzai, but let me put the piece from that stroke, he is difficult to smile. A trip looks very nice, but before did not arrange their financial affairs, no matter how beautiful, reality will be destroyed. Long vacation is coming, the holiday financial markets and financial arrangements are able to play during the holiday season to ensure that the basis of the best to spend half an hour before the trip to arrange it. This matter is not complicated, as long as three things can be done. 1, before the holiday, ready to cash 7 days long holiday is not long, say short not short, I still have a few days of spending in 7 days. And during the holiday, most people go out to play, and many financial services will not be as smooth as working days, so we have to prepare in advance. We need to get ready for the money to spend the long holiday, everybody’s gonna have nothing to say. Just remind everyone, it is best to advance to the bank to withdraw some cash reserve. During the festival the part of the bank will leave the ATM bank not clean up, often after a few days on the money, we want to take a money may have to run on the banks. In particular, living in a second tier cities have adapted to the environment without using cash to pay for mobile phones, if you are ready to connect with nature.相关的主题文章: