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Before the three quarter of Shaoxing GDP growth and quality of the 4.8% economy stable in the first three quarters of this year, Shaoxing GDP growth of 4.8%. This reporter learned from the Shaoxing Municipal Bureau of statistics and the National Bureau of Statistics survey team held a news conference yesterday. Municipal Statistics Bureau spokesman Yu Lingyan said, according to the statistical data, the first three quarters of this year the Shaoxing overall economy is slow in stabilization, the main indicators of steady progress, maintain a positive development trend for the better. The economy stable quality and preliminary accounts, the first three quarters of this year, the city’s GDP 326 billion 600 million yuan, calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 4.8%. Sub industry, the first industrial added value of 15 billion yuan, an increase of 2%; the value added value of the second industry of 160 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 4.2%; the value of the industry added 151 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 5.7%, the fastest growth in the production of the 123. How to evaluate GDP growth by 4.8%? "GDP growth of 4.8%, representing the quality of growth." Yu Lingyan said that the first quarter of this year GDP growth of 4.3%, the first half GDP growth rebounded to 4.8%, GDP maintained a growth rate of 4.8% during the three quarter, and further optimize the industrial structure, enterprise benefit is rising, the quality of economic growth has improved. Investment in the city to maintain a rapid growth momentum, the first three quarters, the city completed a fixed asset investment of $221 billion 900 million, an increase of 11.9%. Infrastructure investment, investment in services grew rapidly, respectively, the amount of investment 60 billion yuan and $119 billion 500 million, an increase of 50.8% and 20.2%. Consumer spending is still strong growth in the first three quarters of the city’s retail sales of social consumer goods, $126 billion 800 million, an increase of 10.8%. From the commodity category, car consumption accounted for a large part of the first three quarters of the city’s auto consumption to achieve retail sales of $23 billion 200 million, an increase of 6.1%. At the same time, Shaoxing people are willing to spend money on food and clothes, eat goods increased by 11%, wear commodities rose 30.9%. In addition, the first three quarters of the consumer price index (CPI) rose by 1.6%, an increase of the first half fell by 0.2 percentage points. The effect of supply side reform remarkable this year, the city actively promote the supply side reform, the results achieved are real." Yu Lingyan pointed out. From the production point of view, this year the city has eliminated backward printing and dyeing production capacity of 620 million meters, behind the pharmaceutical and chemical production capacity of 51 thousand tons, backward chemical fiber production capacity of 17 thousand tons, behind the metal smelting of 22 thousand tons. However, the overall economic benefits of industrial enterprises is picking up, 1~8 months, the city’s total industrial profits amounted to 32 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 4.8% over the first half increased by 3.3 percentage points, the highest increase since the beginning of this year. From inventory to see, whether it is industrial enterprises inventory or commercial housing, there has been a decline. 1~8 months of this year, the city’s regulation of industrial stocks fell by 3.9%, of which the inventory of finished goods fell 4.9%; to the end of 9, the city’s commercial housing sale area of 6 million 621 thousand square meters, 45 thousand square meters less than the end of August. From the point of view of reducing costs, the cost of electricity consumption, tax cuts have also been reduced. Since the introduction of this year in April.相关的主题文章: