Beijing next Monday, the minimum temperature dropped to -3 DEG C this winter heating in advance, the

Beijing next Monday, the minimum temperature dropped to -3 DEG C this winter heating in advance, the possibility of small – Beijing Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) Beijing is experiencing a chilly autumn. Yesterday, the lowest temperature of only 2 degrees in Beijing, next Monday, the maximum temperature will drop to -3. Lower temperatures, people are more concerned about whether the heating ahead. Reporter learned from relevant departments, recently, according to the first round of Heating Meteorological consultation results, this winter heating in advance, the possibility is very small. Next Friday will continue for the second heating meteorological consultation. According to the weather forecast, the next week, the city has two cold air activity, moderate intensity or weak time respectively in the early and late week week. Due to the cold air within the group control for a long time, the city’s average temperature is lower than the perennial, cold weather. Wait until the middle of the week, when the proliferation of adverse conditions, the formation of haze weather. On Monday, affected by cold air, the temperature dropped to the lowest point in the week, the highest temperature during the day is only 6 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature at night will drop to minus 3 degrees, since the second half of this year for the first time the temperature is below the freezing point. This would mean that Monday night may be frozen, the weather will become colder, reminding everyone to pay attention to warm clothes. After Tuesday, the temperature began to rise, the minimum temperature once again returned to the freezing point, but the average temperature in the city compared with the year round, or in a low state. – doubts are lower than 5 DEG C for 5 days in advance to start heating heating in advance, why not? The reporter learned that, at present, according to the weather forecast next week, did not appear for 5 days average temperature below 5 degrees Celsius conditions. Therefore, from the first round of meteorological consultation results, the future possibility of heating in advance is very small. According to previous years, since 2010, only in 2012, due to extreme weather and heating in advance, and the rest are planned heating. Beijing heating will start in 2010, usually in late October to early November, a total of three times. According to the weather in the future, to determine whether to start heating. In accordance with the relevant provisions, if the next 5 consecutive days in Beijing, the average temperature of less than 5 degrees, will advance heating. However, reporters from the city management committee learned that, at present, has asked the heating unit before October 31st is ready, ready for firing operation. In addition, beginning in November 7th, the heating companies will also continue to ignite heating trial, at any time to adjust to ensure that the formal heating standards.相关的主题文章: