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"Billy Lynn" series with Ang Lee " exposure; enter the " screen; Sina entertainment Ang Lee Billy Lynn’s new "war" will be released simultaneously in the middle of November 11th global. Today, the film’s first exposure to show specials, studio footage, Ang Lee and the team behind the interpretation of the film appeared to subvert the past think of the movie "immersive experience", for a better understanding of the audience about a soldier’s story. It is reported that the film will be held at the world premiere at the New York International Film Festival in Beijing on October 15th, Ang Lee will carry all creative red carpet, then the waiting fans can see the movie true. The first ever top technical producer: "it is the movie to the next era best endorsement" Ang Lee in the new 4K format uses 120 frame 3D far more than the existing film production standards for the film, 120 frame camera Mami special mysterious "new weapons" — a huge exposure. From the date of the birth of film, 24 frames per second shooting format has been used for more than one hundred years, "Billy Lynn, the midfield war" the world’s first five times in the former 120 seconds format shooting, with 4K ultra clear screen resolution and 3D technology, close to the naked eye can see real. Producer Mark Platt exclaimed: "Ang Lee used the film history there has never been a technology, created the extremely clear and true new horizon, this movie will be a completely new experience of reality." Why should the use of such advanced technology, director Ang Lee said: "the traditional movie always let you look at other people’s stories, and now we have the opportunity to enter into the story, you will lose the judgment by the whole ‘swallowed’ to the movies. This is a technique to enhance the intimacy of the film, which is what the 3D digital film should pursue." For the film in the film history position, producer Thomas Celeste said: "since the film was invented in fact has not really changed, we still stay in the 24 frame of the times, the film may be making films to the next era best endorsement." Show the soldier Ang Lee’s true feelings: "this is a description of the growth story" and the popular impression of 3D technology for making action science fiction, drama director Ang Lee insisted that 3D is more suitable for shooting delicate. "About Billy Lynn’s midfield war" to express the theme, director Ang Lee said: "this is a description of the growth story, about a boy gradually understand the theme of life, he will decide on what path to follow the process." Steve, Martin, said: "the film depicts the psychological journey of returning home after the war of the young people in the world."." The film story takes Lynn’s first person perspective, trying to get the audience to experience the real feelings of the soldiers in the eyes of the people of Billy. The special edition of Billy Lynn was walking to his cheering crowds, including complex expression, restless, shy and confused, as Joe Alvin said: "the director Ang Lee has amazing unique feeling for his pursuit of things, I love the film soldier in the visual angle he watched various ideas of mass the military projection, you will be in Billy’s eyes.相关的主题文章: