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Block chain venture financing up but still can not escape these problems Sina Technology Xu Li at this stage, "blockchain" has become a high-frequency words size technology summit, the heat is not inferior to the mobile Internet Era "O2O". At present, the total amount of investment to the related startups blockchain has nearly $1 billion 800 million, the underlying technology of bitcoin, is thought to be first to subvert the financial industry in the future, the daily pay, stock trading and other activities will undergo profound changes. Block chain 3 years of investment in the field turned over the past 200 times the rapid development of technology to promote entrepreneurship in the field. According to sina science and technology statistics, the chain of the chain to attract the field of venture capital, investment in 2012 from $2 million to $469 million in 2015, an increase of more than 200 times. Venture Scanner recently released data show that, as of now, the total amount of block chain venture financing is about $1 billion 790 million. Block chain entrepreneurial companies accounted for more than of the country’s science and technology after combing found that the current chain of about 862 chain companies, mainly in the world’s 73 countries. Most of the United States, accounting for about 40%; followed by the United Kingdom, accounting for 16.7%; China ranked at the end of the year, accounting for the proportion of 3.2%, according to the projections, China currently has about 27 block chain venture company. Similarly according to the venture capital data released by Venture Scanner show that at this stage about 205 venture capital institutions invested in the field of bitcoin and block chain startups. These start-up companies are mainly concentrated in the field of intelligent contracts, identity certificates and block chain infrastructure. China companies fear behind since January 2016 domestic blockchain venture financing statistics of sina technology according to incomplete statistics, since 2016, only 10 domestic chain blocks for start-ups and financing. One of the 30% companies engaged in network related business, most of the rest of the company is in the conceptual stage, has not yet launched a mature product. Among them, there are 7 to get the angel round of financing, which shows that the majority of the investment is still in its early stages; further combing investment, few large risk investment institutions. "Currently the block chain application projects rarely have a core reason, people who understand technology fully understand industry segments, still in the proof of concept, and truly experience and resources in the sub sector entrepreneurs and fully understand this new technology block chain, cross-border talent that must be less water chestnut" insiders said Sina technology. In contrast, foreign venture capital projects can be recognized. Public data shows, IDG capital has participated in the Ripple Labs, Koinify, coinbase, Circle etc. bitcoin blockchain and project financing. Similarly, China’s other block chain investment institutions – universal block chain fund, is also more concerned about foreign companies. Xiao Feng, vice chairman of universal Holdings has revealed that, as of now, universal block chain fund voted a total of 23 in the world.相关的主题文章: