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Travel-and-Leisure Russia has come a long away ahead of the Iron Curtain, getting out of the reclusion in the 90s Russia indeed had turned out to be one of the most popular tourist attraction for travellers around the world. If you are planning to make a tour of Russia and looking to experience the vintage yet advanced feel, heres a quick guide for you. Tours to Russia: St. Petersburg Any tour to Russia should start with the historic city of St. Petersburg; a city perhaps whose significance in World History is unparalleled. The Heritage city of St. Petersburg was established Tsar Peter the Greta back in 1703, changed its name to Leningrad (1924-1991) and back to the former again. The city welcomes you with its vibrancy, the Golden Building Peaks and the UNESCO Heritage City Centre. Any tour to Russia remains incomplete without a local tour of the St. Petersburgs palaces, monuments, Hermitage Museum and the islands of Neva River. Justifiably it is often called the Venice of the Norththe citadel of authentic Soviet culture, art and the cradle of literary greats like Dostoyevsky and Pushkin. Tours to Russia : Moscow Moscow, once the centre of power of Cold War remains to be the biggest city of entire Europe with more than 10million. Founded back in 12th century, the city never seems to have lost its importanceserving as capital in all the centuries. As a tourist you would like to witness the Russian architectures, the KremlinCitadel of Communism as well as the Red Square. Well, dont forget to miss the basil Cathedral, the Tretyakov Picture Gallery with all the world famous pictures and the recently built Moscow Subwaytruly World Class. Trans-Siberia Railway Trans-Siberia Railway still remains a wonder and perhaps the most talked-about railroad in the world. The main route starts from Moscow through Vladivostok, Omskrunning through the barren fields of Siberia for 9259kms straight. Crossing 7 time zones and 8 days en-route this is a must for anyone touring in Russia to catch glimpses of Lake Baikal, Buddhist temples and the Urals. Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchuria Train Though less-renowned than the Trans-Siberian counterpart, built back in 40s and 50s Trans-Mongol Rail track connects Ulan-Ude to Chinese capital of Bejing. Running through the infamous Gobi desert, Moscow to Bejing the route covers 7867 kms. Trans-Manchurian rail line criss-crosses the Trans-Siberian one at Tarskaya, near Lake Baikal. This route also connects Moscow Bejing but the distance extends about 9000kms. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: