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Business Which is the traditional mode to calculate net profits in the equity market? It is using the, excel of course! Not anymore, more and more people are seeking the easier method these days in the form of a brokerage calculator. It provides some distinct advantages over the regular methods such as you get the required results instantly. No more messy and erroneous calculations to deal with that can both confuse and frustrate. So what can you do with the trading calculators? You will be able to calculate, *Net profit *Total brokerage *Total taxes As you can see, these new age calculators are multi-use allowing you to get the maximum possible benefits while helping you saving time substantially. For using these tools, all you need to do is go online and get the results you seek along with instant updates as well. Could anything be easier! Of course, in order to get the output it is necessary to provide certain inputs such as total share numbers, brokerage, selling price, and buying price. Knowing about the equity tax structure will be helpful in optimal use of the calculators online. Some of these include the Securities Transaction Tax (STT), Turnover Tax, Service Tax, Stamp duty, and SEBI Tax. Levying of the service tax is upon the brokerage as charged by the broker. With so much to consider, in order to reach the correct net profit figures you require the right tool at your disposal. Otherwise things will turn quite .plex an unnecessarily obtuse. Intraday brokerage calculator can prove to be an asset in such scenarios. Among the mentioned taxes, brokerage and service tax will remain fixed and doesnt change even by trader or investor. By reducing brokerage tax in an ideal scenario, it possible to bring down service taxes as well. When you are trading in stock exchange, one of the most crucial information at your disposal is the breakeven price, which is selling price minus the purchase price. This excludes the brokerage taxes. By using brokerage intraday calculator, you can simulate the breakeven prices even in the post, trade initiation scenario. In all this, however it is very easy to overlook the brokerage charges, which do not .e up in the overall calculations. The result, unexpected expenses that may prove to be substantial if not followed and dealt with on a regular basis. For intraday trading, brokerage costs are .paratively low since buying and selling of shares remain concentrated within a single day. Share brokerage calculator is making life easy for traders these days, there is no doubt regarding this fact. However, in order to optimize the benefits and remain abreast of the hidden costs that may undermine the net profits that you make it is important to understand its functioning properly. When doing calculations using the calculator, it is important to know the annual maintenance charges at the brokerage. Monthly charges will tell upon your invested funds. With proper use of this new age tool overseeing the additional costs while determining your net trading in.e is not going to be difficult. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: