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Marketing Public Relations are a type of marketing communication that is used to project the company image to the outside world. The objective of a PR campaign is to represent the company in the media and to communicate the company’s perspective to the outside world. Effective Public Relations is an inexpensive way to popularize a company as compared to other marketing methods such as advertising. Exchange4media offers latest information about the advertising and media industry. An Effective Public Relations campaign includes figuring out the company’s contributions both businesses as well as social and expressing them in an interesting way. The next step is to build a story that creates interest in the company and its activities. The new public relations method works on Pay for Performance Public Relations model that emphasizes accountability. In this model the client company signs an agreement where a certain amount of money has to be deposited every month in escrow. A media list is defined and the PR agency starts its job. It delivers the client’s message to different medium with the help of press releases and other types of activities. The client receives a statement in the end of the first month and consecutive months. Money is withdrawn from the escrow for the services provided as per the previously decided rates for the defined activities. The payment in this model is strictly for published or telecasted message not for indefinable concepts such as theme, concept development and other strategies. The unutilized money is carried forward to the next month. This interesting model works best when the client company has an unusual product or service that attracts the news directors and editors. Pay per performance offers a monthly positive balance sheet and thus reducing the client risk to almost zero. A Public Relations Agency is therefore paid for effective public relations carried out by the Public Relations Firm. Exchange4Media has been offering quality publications related to advertising, media and marketing industry for the last five years. It is a one stop platform that offers in-depth information, news, analysis, forecasts etc. The site also offers PR related information and publishes news worthy press releases and articles in its publications and the website. Exchange4Media is a Public relations offering effective public relations solutions and Marketing Public Relations strategies to the client company. The company offers customized solutions to the client as per their requirements. Visit the site and know more about the interesting offers offered by the PR firm. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: