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Yoga Yoga can help teens deal with their adolescent anxieties and stabilize their, as yet weak, self-worth. Yogas proven effectiveness in promoting relaxation will do teens a lot of good, besides improving their physical attributes. A recent announcement from the US is that Yoga is beginning to be used as therapy and bodily work out. The internet has many articles and sites reporting on this new development and the benefits it has endowed the teens who joined the activities of this latest development. The teens are among the most crucial and toughest periods in the life of a child. At the school milieu, the teens period is the time of the compulsion to be in, plus peer pressure. Middle school or high school is when they start confronting loads of homework and, for extra-curricular activities, time demands for choir, sports, band, or drama practice. This can be too overwhelming a challenge for some teens. At the same time, home life may present its own trials and challenges from parents and siblings. Concerned parents/adults usually then ask for the activities that could help the teens go through the testing situations they may face in this time of their lives. Generally, support to the teens is taken from friends, school pursuits or family. But there are instances when the kind of support they need is not immediately accessible at the moment it is most called for. This is where yoga can come in. A low impact form of yoga, like Iyengar, could best take the kids to feel tranquility and a sense of power. The stances in Iyengar yoga are done moderately with awareness of breathing, opening and harmony. This way, they will get to concentrate on their self, which are important in letting go of tension, frustration, even anger and convert those negative energies to a more calmed state. The stances are great self-esteem enhancers by testing the teens facility to keep balance of mind and body. Considerable outcomes are achievable by session. There are some who find yoga postures hard to perform, but persistent and continuous practice (which a good number of teens can manage to do) eventually deliver the sense of fulfillment. Which just leads to self-confidence established, the teens will be then equipped to manage difficult encounters in their own way but successfully. Do not look at yoga as the elixir for all sorts of growing pains. It is a secure option for teens seeking their own comfort zone. The way to discovering that comfort zone is both more fascinating and useful than going into drugs or some such destructive occupations. Yoga may not be desirable for everyone, but those who have seen and experienced its benefits have reported how it has greatly enhanced the quality of their lives, immediately after doing yoga and years later. Parents looking for yoga classes for their teens, or teens themselves, could find these in local newspapers, community billboards or the internet itself. You must be aware that not all yoga schools have courses developed for teens. The net is the best source for these schools. Technological developments have made it so convenient and easy to get data on all subjects under the sun. In the net, you can get the general information, from which you could particularize your search according to your needs, and you dont have to step a single foot outside your home! But when you find one, its advisable to make a visit to see for yourself how the classes are conducted. Try to know as much as you can about the school, the instructor and the classes. This way you would be guided in making the best possible decision to fit your teens needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: