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Jewelry-Diamonds The sapphire, emerald and ruby rings are among one of the most popular jewelry items worn by ladies. These rings are popular for their elegant looks and attractive designs that add to the appearance of a woman and make it even more ravishing. The market is full of a lot of options and you have to pay attention to get your hands on the best ruby, emerald and sapphire rings. Here is a look at some tips which can help: Locate a good jeweler The first thing to be done by you is to go out and research the market to find a really good jeweler. It is always better to go ahead and find an established jeweler. At first, one should simply try out the loose gemstones that the jeweler has to offer. A jeweler that has some high quality gemstones will also have some good ruby, sapphire and emerald rings for sale. See the various available options Then you have to ask the jeweler for the available sapphire, emerald and ruby rings. You have to first, decide on the feature of the gemstones. Unless you decide on the gemstones features you can not find a good ring for yourself. Pay attention to the metal setting You should also focus on the type of metal setting. You will have to make a conscious choice while checking out the various metals used in these rings. The most popular no doubt are platinum and white gold. Also, you have to choose between the simple and the more stylish settings. You also have to decide as to whether you would want the rings to be a little tighter or not. Pay attention to the quality of the gemstones You also have to pay proper attention to the quality of the gemstones in the rings that have been short listed for purchase. You have to understand the clarity and brilliance of a gemstone. The quality of the gemstones can actually affect the cost of the rings in a big way. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity You deserve an assurance of quality and authenticity, because you are paying a lot of money for your ruby, sapphire and emerald rings. The best way to gain assurance about the quality of the rings is to ask for a certificate of authenticity. Every jeweler is capable of offering such a certificate. In fact, a good jeweler is always willing to offer a laboratory certificate that authenticates the ruby, sapphire and emerald rings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: