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The cabinet note purchase light work is not         different style cabinets supermarket stores, see dazzling, carefully will find many looks very similar products, the price is a lot of difference. Many people will have such a question, why is there such a situation? High price in the end where? What are the matters needing attention? In fact, the overall cabinet in the choice, we should pay attention to the overall quality. We generally in the choice of cabinets, often on its own quality very seriously, but ignored the other aspects. In fact, the cabinet from the design to the installation, are very important, today to talk about the cabinet is easy to overlook the purchase considerations. Easy to ignore the design quality of         exhibition hall in the cabinet samples, can not be directly moved back home to use, because each set of cabinets are required according to room type, specification, functional division to tailor. Good design to meet the first kitchen various utility functions: storage, food preparation, washing and cooking; between various operating areas and equipment layout and size and reasonable arrangement, use convenient labor-saving and time-saving; makes full use of space, a pipe column, ingenious arrangement, irregular wall; followed by the cabinet with color collocation the decoration style of coordination, to satisfy individual requirements; the third is the selected material price is high, durable, beautiful and easy to clean.         therefore, before a cabinet design, to fully communicate with the designers, their own members of the habits and requirements to allow the designer to thoroughly understand, then, may require the designer to provide detailed kitchen cabinets, three-dimensional renderings, plane design, water and electricity distribution, material allocation map. Results the quality of installation, the 1 decided to look at the overall assembly level cabinet purchase         between the cabinet after the installation of the cabinet and the solid ground vertical cabinet between the tight fit, door level; the door mounted vertically, the door closed the door tightly, the gap between small and uniform. The table is smooth, smooth, and the combination between the solid cabinet, the table after the retaining wall and water tight; artificial stone table seamless connection. The sink combines the stove and the table to be embedded firmly, without gaps. This brand is difficult to do bad quality. 2, look at the slide hinge cabinet purchase components such as         drawers and pull out the blue, rack installation is solid and smooth, is decided by the quality and level of the installation guide. Open a door, a drawer or basket, should be smooth and silent, lightweight, soft rebound; with pressure bar through the door to be able to bear the weight of the door. Although it is a small detail, but it is an important part of the quality of the cabinet. Look at the cabinet cabinet purchase hanging code         small components condole seemingly insignificant, the actual installation quality of the cabinet plays an important role. Regular manufacturers in the selection of the code must be carried out through the load test, bearing more than 50KG of the hanging code can adapt to the kitchen!相关的主题文章: