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The traditional way to protect pipes from freezing – laying of pipes below the freezing depth of soil and the use of thermal insulation (foam and aluminum foil or other insulation). There are problems where the pipe goes from the depth of soil freezing to the surface, and the insulation itself – does not prevent freezing in the pipelines above the freezing depth of soil. As a result, there are traffic jams, narrow flow area, increasing the viscosity of liquids transported, pipelines are clogged, cracks, breaks down the integrity of the pipeline, equipment breaks down. Cable heating pipes and pipelines Effective solution – a system of cable heating pipes and pipelines on the basis of the heating (heating) of cable. For electrical systems, pipes are used: self-regulating cable, cable resistance, zoned heating termokabel, heating armored cable, as well as the heating element for heating tubes – super long main pipelines and oil pipelines (SKIN-system). gutter heaters Self-regulating heating cable to pipe allows for each individual effectively and with minimal costs to maintain and heated to the required temperature piping, pipelines, oil pipelines, tanks or reservoirs, and thanks to a unique property – self-regulation, termokabel releases more or less heat depending on the ambient environment, thereby saving electricity, does not overheat or burnout, including at intersections. Cable heating pipe and tubing – uses: Self-regulating heating cable for heating pipes used for frost protection in both domestic use and in the construction industry, oil and gas industry: Heating pipes inside and outside Heating water pipes underground and aboveground Heating of drain pipes Heating of sewage pipes Heating of drain pipe Heat of fire hydrants, water columns, water-supply wells Long and very long heating water mains, pipelines Problems that are solved by means of heating pipes and ducts: Heated water from freezing – prevents the destruction of water pipes. Heating of gutters and drains solves the problem of stagnation of meltwater on the roof. Prevention and protection from freezing and condensation of water supply systems, liquid and gas in pipelines, product pipelines, and small and medium length. Protection of water pipes in the winter and heating oil to prevent excessive thickening products. .pensation for heat – heat pipe heating .pensates the environment. Technological heating – maintaining the temperature within the specified range for the process. Starting heating – heating current through the tube fluid at a certain location, to ensure normal conditions of transport for the rest of the pipeline. Heating pipelines Increasing the speed of transporting the product. Electric heating cables for tube prevents loss of solids from the delivered product through the pipeline. Heating cable maintains a constant liquid flow in pipes. Reduce the depth of the pipeline – the possibility of laying the pipeline on a lesser depth or above ground level. Savings on the restoration of damaged pipes after razmerzaniya. Water heating cable can maintain the required temperature of hot water and make it an instant filing. The heating system pipes do not require the installation of water supply lines, return and associated costly equipment (circular pump). The system of heating pipes and ducts: Heating of: heating the wire to heat the pipe and tubing, sets of fasteners to the tube. Provides direct heating of the pipeline. Distribution & Information Network: power and data cables, junction boxes and mounting accessories. Provides distribution and transmission of power to the heating part, as well as the exchange of signals between the sensors monitor heat pipes and a control system. Control system: temperature controllers, temperature sensors and air pipes, control cabinet, flow sensors, control devices, starting and protective equipment. The control system is chosen and .pleted in accordance with the power of the heating system and class performance and management. By: Steve Smith – Cleaning of carpets and rugs everyday at a superficial level is possible at home but of you need to remove the deep seated dirt and soil, germs and the stubborn stains you need to hire the professional cleaners for the job to be done effectively. 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