Calligrapher Dong Qichang is mad, eroticism, bully, scumbag bastard

Calligrapher Dong Qichang is mad, eroticism, bully, scumbag bastard? Dong Qichang was a famous painter in the history of the Ming Dynasty, and his creative ideas and works had a profound influence on the later generations. Especially in the hundred years after his death, with emperor Kangxi respected for his calligraphy, is famous, universally known. Dong Qichang is a great gift to his art of painting and calligraphy, calligraphy and painting is not a master, but it is a generation of people. In calligraphy, Dong Qichang "Xing Zhang Mi Dong", with Linyi, Jinjiang, to Zhang Ruitu Xing Dong day meters bell tied; in painting, there are meters north south Dong said. Put forward in the artistic view, "read ten thousand books, hangwanlilu", has influenced countless artists China. But in some time ago, I suddenly saw the writer Mr. Li Guowen wrote an essay about Dong Qichang, said that Dong Qichang is an artistic achievement in Chinese Zhuoli culture in the history of the peak figure. But this person is very bad, is the history of Chinese scholars have the most two-sided character. Some people even said that in the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations of artists like Dong Qichang such abnormal character of the lowly, personality, is unique. What the hell is going on? Is there such a person in the realm of Arts and crafts? Two sides is refers to what? On the one hand, the art of birth was terrible; on the other hand, the character is so poor, what bad things do. Dong Qichang can be, can draw, write calligraphy, and thought, the idea, at the same time, also commit all sorts. There are so many people in the art circle, and he can not deny his merits. What kind of man is this Dong Qichang? Is the painting, literati, is corrupt, a bully, bastard, is mad, eroticism is 24K pure scumbag? Dong Qichang from a poor boy turned wealthy bad guy according to Li Guowen said the author, Dong Qichang very poor childhood home. Poor to what extent? A "cloud mixed consciousness" recorded in said, "Dong Sibai (Dong Qichang) for all students, only twenty acres of barren land, the land is barren, not much, should not eat; and when the rich, rich oil, rich to Mishina officials than his prime minister to him," is one hundred million hectares, cruise "houses, all zitanfuru. What’s going on here? Dong Qichang is how to dig the vast wealth? The history books say, Dong Qichang 50 years as officer, is just a pensioner, should not earn much money. Then what does he earn? After much deliberation, by selling paintings and dark robbery. It is said that Dong Qichang’s calligraphy, painting to sell particularly well, the more the more sold, became an upstart. To make a culture into a philistine gas is full of businessmen, the big bad conscience. After Dong Qichang has become the vast wealth wealthy. Fame and authority, money gathered, let him become dizzy with success, unscrupulous, like, bully for evil, the heart then will the big bad guy. How bad is he? Wen said he told the people curse deep into extremely brutal degree, you said this terrible. Is this real? Down the history, there is a record of Dong Qichang’s monograph "crime people copy Dong Huan facts", "black and white" two!相关的主题文章: