Can Reading Glasses Replace Botox-nibbuns

Womens-Issues Are you one of those people who went kicking and screaming into your 40’s? You know, the years when everything seems to change, especially your vision. What happened?, your eyes were stable, all was good and then one morning, bam! Presbyopia hits you, right in the eyes. It’s true, if you are over 40; reading glasses are just about par for the course. The good news is, just because you are now confined to wearing readers it does not mean you have to look like Mrs. Claus (or Santa, for that matter.) Choosing a style of frames can easily change and even transform your entire look. You can look fun, stylish, and cutting edge all at the same time. And can you guess what that means? You’ll look younger! So now you can Don those trendy, bright little glasses. Pay attention, you will notice people look at you a little differently. They are sure to notice your youthful appearance. If you like, you can even get some slick little frames encrusted with Swarovski crystals. And let’s face it; you can’t go wrong with Swarovski crystals. I mean, .e on! Swarovski! You will notice your friends are so taken by your trendy glasses that the things you agonize over in the mirror will take a back seat. Lines? Wrinkles? Hah! about them. Could we be on to something here? Can reading glasses be the next botox? Is it possible that reading glasses could take the plastic out of surgery and put it on a stylish frame? Will the fountain of youth be flowing with streams of reading glasses? Next time you find yourself straining to read the fine print, just think I could put my eyes at ease and look better with a pair of designer reading glasses. It’s official, forty is the new 20! Ok, 30. Thirty-five? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: