CCTV Spring Festival evening announced the generals and soldiers ratings

CCTV Spring Festival evening announced the generals and soldiers "ratings" topped the original title: monkey CCTV Spring Festival evening announced the program ratings general and soldier topped the photograph: CCTV micro-blog Beijing Beijing in February 11, CCTV today announced that the year of the monkey spring festival evening viewing rate of the top five programs are "general and soldier", "Spring Festival the new year", the stage of the veteran Celest Chong specially designed link, "Jasmine", "landscape China beauty". The sitcom "generals and soldiers" overwhelmed by the 35.62% of the ratings topped, combined with 93 military parade and military reform, rich and strong army dream in the stage of embodied in a goosestepping general story. In the audience survey in CCTV, many people think that a general is a soldier of the simple truth, expression of discipline, morale and inheritance of Chinese soldiers. The parade of small shot beautifully produced, with studio interiors with the parade field and real practice studio effective connection, makes people feel the sense of the scene. The third year old Celest Chong was ranked 35.11%. The audience praised the design with the heroism of the flame ignited the audience mood. By 49 from the United States overseas Chinese children show Chinese and Western dance "Jasmine" the final ratings are also expected to enter the top five. China oriental music and dance, and ballet body skills, makes the dance magnificent, stunning the audience, in addition, a group of overseas girls to express the feeling of homesickness became the elements of the heart. Lin Xinru, Liang Yongqi and Liu Tao, actors performing "landscape China beauty", singing conception and ecological environment of harmony and unity, let Pingtan Xuzhou rhyme is very beautiful and moving. In addition, the statistical results showed that the "Sons" and "possible" and other songs, "rest assured", "online shopping adventure" and other language programs are well received by the audience. (finished) editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

央视春晚公布节目收视率 《将军与士兵》居首   原标题:猴年央视春晚公布节目收视率 将军与士兵居首 图片来源:央视春晚微博   中新网北京2月11日电 中央电视台今天发布消息称,猴年春晚收视率前五位的节目分别是《将军与士兵》、《新春贺岁》、老兵张玉华登台的特别设计环节、《茉莉花》、《山水中国美》。   此番以35.62%的收视率居首的情景剧《将军与士兵》,结合九三阅兵和军改,富国强军梦在春晚的舞台上体现在一个踢正步的将军故事中。   在央视的观众调查中,不少人认为,用一个将军也是一个士兵的朴素道理,表达了中国军人的纪律、斗志和传承。阅兵的小片拍摄制作精美,与演播室的内景结合穿插,使阅兵练习场实景和演播室有效连接,让人很有现场感。   其后的百岁老人张玉华的出场设计以35.11%位列第三。有观众称赞,这一设计用英雄主义的火焰点燃了观众情绪。   由49名来自美国的华人华侨子女表演的中西合璧的舞蹈《茉莉花》最终收视率进入前五也在意料之中。中国东方特色的音乐和舞蹈动作,加上芭蕾舞的身法技巧,美轮美奂,使得这支舞蹈惊艳全场,除此之外,一群海外少女借此表达的思乡之情更成为其打动人心的要素。   林心如、梁咏琪和刘涛等三地演员演出的《山水中国美》,演唱的立意与生态环境和谐统一,让苏州评弹的音韵显得格外唯美动人。   此外,统计结果显示,《父子》和《六尺巷》等歌曲,《放心吧》、《网购奇遇》等语言类节目也受到了观众的好评。(完) 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: