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Chinese mix decoration fashion retro two not mistake?? mix concept first appears in people’s minds, then the features of the Chinese style is what we should know. To understand the essence of we can design on Chinese mix decoration style to understand, in order to design a Home Furnishing design out of the ordinary Chinese mix decoration style. ?? The characteristics of Chinese mix decoration style?? in the mix, we are one of the main style based on add different elements to collocation, mix in Chinese style decoration, we are based on the Chinese style decoration to mix. We can show the Southeast Asia style elements, can show the noble and elegant European style atmosphere, the Korean style fresh and beautiful, Mediterranean style are pure natural blend, to achieve a perfect fusion effect. This is the highest level of mix. (renderings Chinese mix decoration style 2)?? from the renderings Chinese mix decoration style 1 ", we see the paintings sofa backdrop is the use of Chinese style sofa seat with a mix of Chinese and Western effect. In the ceiling with a modern and simple European style decoration, and chandeliers increased use of the romantic elements to the traditional characteristics of Chinese characteristics, this is the Chinese mix with Chinese style decoration style, as the core of the expansion of the decoration. ?? (renderings Chinese mix decoration style 2)?? design effect Chinese mix decoration style?? in this "renderings Chinese mix decoration style 2", we can see that the dull features not Chinese style, in the decoration design color is clear and bright feeling, hanging in painting is the choice of China traditional cultural elements, the shape is chandelier use of Chinese elements to create, especially the design of the TV background wall, but also embodies the characteristics of Chinese style decoration. Then, on the western style collocation style in the design of sofa soft outfit, this mix reflects the highly coordinated, brings us is no sense of violation and the design effect. ?? (renderings Chinese mix decoration style 3)?? design Chinese mix decoration style?? then design Chinese mix style decoration should pay attention to what??? First of all, to the Chinese style decoration style as the foundation, we can not let the other style is the main characteristics of curry favour by claptrap Chinese style show. The present Chinese culture, let the other style to bring the role of icing on the cake for the Chinese style of decoration. ?? Secondly, in the design of Chinese mix decoration style, we can in the decoration, fill in the other, style in the design of software installed on the elements, so that we can bring new feeling to us. ?? At last, in the grasp of the overall design, make a note of a volume effect, can cause overwhelming potential, can let a person feel a mess of the decoration, no key. ?? Drawing effect in Chinese mix decoration style, we can feel a mix of style with the world trend of diversification, either cultural or economic, in the family decoration such decoration culture still appears under the background of small world, enjoy more in the design style of decoration mix type.相关的主题文章: