Chinese rush to buy Japanese condoms, no need to deliberately

People in Japan need not panic buying condoms, enlarge the original title: Chinese people in Japan need not panic buying condoms, amplification theory according to the "Reference News" quoted the foreign media 1 31 reported that Japan’s aging and other factors, the local condom manufacturer shrinking the size of a large demand, however Chinese saved from the local industry. Relevant condom products sold. Chinese people go to Japan to buy buy buy, so many companies feel ashamed Chinese. The Spring Festival in 2015, China tourists in Japan held the red panic buying toilet cover, the Spring Festival of 2016, Japan’s condoms and fire. As with the media. Chinese is not really a panic buying Japanese products for? It seems this point cannot be ruled out. But in many cases, whether the Japanese media or the media to China, naturally or half unconsciously enlarged. For example, last year, media reports said, China Japanese tourists panic buying bags. But later found that this Xiaoxibushi, really buy bags of Japanese Chinese not many tourists, because the Japanese are not suitable for students to use the China bag, and the price is expensive, single style. But at the time the media reports routinely sparked a discussion, it is, what the foreign domestics disappointing. Or go back to the people of Japan on the issue of condom panic buying. This topic relates to the so-called national quality theory, domestic self theory, has already begun some absurd. In fact, many people go to Japan to buy things, in addition to the quality, price is relatively cheap. Many of the same products in Japan and China, are available, but because the freight, taxes, Japan is relatively cheaper to sell. This is a normal phenomenon, need not have deliberately enlarged. If you wonder at the people to panic buying Japanese condoms, perhaps, should also be surprised by Dave to panic buying all kinds of new Shenzhen Huaqiang North Electronic products. On this issue, some of the foreign media reports, it is not necessary to take it seriously. Reporter Xin wood (staff) editor: Huang Rui SN224

国人抢购日本避孕套,没必要刻意放大   原标题:国人抢购日本避孕套,没必要刻意放大   来论   据《参考消息》援引外媒1月31日报道,日本老龄化等因素,当地安全套生产商规模不断缩减,然而来自中国的大量需求拯救了当地产业,相关避孕套产品销售一空。国人去日本“买买买”,让不少中国企业感到汗颜。   2015年春节,中国游客在日本抢购,捧红了马桶盖,2016年春节前,日本的避孕套又火了。媒体如是慨叹。   中国人是不是真的有抢购日本产品的癖好?似乎不能排除这一点。但在很多情况下,无论是日本媒体还是中国媒体,都给有意无意地放大了。譬如,去年媒体报道又称,中国游客抢购日本书包。但后来却发现,此消息不实,真正购买日本书包的中国游客并不多,因为那些日本书包并不适合中国学生使用,且价格昂贵、款式单一。但在当时媒体的报道照例引发了一番讨论,无非又是崇洋媚外、国货不争气什么的。   还是回到这次国人抢购日本避孕套的问题上吧。由这一话题而涉及的所谓的国货质量论、国货自强论,已经开始有些荒诞了。其实,很多人去日本买东西,除了质量,就是价格相对便宜。很多同样的产品在日本和国内,都能买到,但是,因为运费、税费的不同,日本卖的就相对便宜一些。这都是很正常的现象,本来没有必要刻意放大。如果,你惊诧于国人去日本抢购避孕套,或许,也应该惊诧于歪果仁跑到深圳华强北抢购各种新奇的电子产品。在这个问题上,有些所谓外媒的报道,真没有必要当真。   □辛木(职员) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: