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Fashion-Style If you ask a woman on her birthday what that special gift that she cherished would be, the palpable answer would be a set of clothes, says a psychological result. And ask an Indian woman what clothes she has been wanting for quite some time, another hodgepodge of women would zero on the very innocent looking word Sari!!! Fashion and lifestyle experts through a style magazine strongly believe, A Sari is perhaps the second difficult thing to choose for a woman, the first one being the man she is to marry. For no apparent reason though. There are just so many different colors, materials and fabrics, designs put together with the technology today. It is a marvelous gift and an ideal one too. It is indeed true that when it .es to choosing a Sari based on fabrics and the place where it was woven, there are so many choices to be made among Banarasi Brocade,Venkatagiri, Kancheevaram Silk , Mysore silk, Pashminas, Pochampallis, Nayyaanpets and so forth. In opting for the texture, she has to decide between chiffon, georgette, tussar, crepe, etc. However, the most sought after magnum opus that Indians prefer to wear is a cotton sari, for its simplicity and personified eloquence. An economist very well knows that there clearly exists an independent relation between a market wherein there are many choices and those without any. A fine example to the former one today is certainly the market for our near and dear attire, the sari. There are so many preferences and choices that can be made from the ones available today, that even those malls and huge textile retailers are not able to collectively fit in an all in a roof sort of a retail store. The solemn fact is that not even in the heart of all that .mercialization, are they able to zero in on one single place. In contrary to saturation of all that buoyancy, the internet plays savior in the form of e.merce applications and web portals that offer .plete renitence to thirsty souls in search of variety of clothes to suit their need. Quite a few online shopping portals offer a variety of saris at strikingly efficient pricing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: