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College friends loan repayment twenty-four thousand friends lost contact with female friends friends battle righteousness help loan repayment but lost to play western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Zhang Kun) people often say: as a friend. A female student is very generous, but seemingly not very authentic her friend. Student Chen: "I’ve been very upset recently. My mother has run away from home for several times. She told me that I didn’t want to see me when I was home." My parents don’t like their own, especially distressed. Xiao Chen said that he was really hurt his parents this time. The cause of all this, from your good friend to friend! Student Chen: "in May, a friend of mine came to me with another friend and told me that he was very worried about money, because they said they couldn’t borrow money in the society. He wanted to lend him a loan through my college loan." See is his small friends, Chen promised without demur. Student Chen: "I was thinking, friends, can help, is a handful.". He gave him 24000 yuan, Lee told me, he will be in a month, I will finish, will not let my family know." When the loan, Chen is under the guarantee of friends, from four loan companies to borrow so much money, but also wrote the parents contact. At the beginning of June, more than 20 thousand of the loan after the hand, she would give the money to borrow money to lee. Repayment deadline, Lee did not give money to Chen also on. Now, Xiao Chen is worried. Chen: "I have given him countless phone calls, he is always not connected, micro letter does not return." But Chen’s small, as the introducer of this matter, is now at a loss. Xiao Chen: Hello, what about the money now? Can you contact Lee?" Lee friend: "I can’t get in touch with him for the time being."." Chen: "now what about this matter?"" Lee friend: "after I call him, ask him what to do."." Student Chen: "surplus period, liquidated damages per day per day count, and now down the amount of money may be 30 thousand to 40 thousand yuan."." After several reminders to no avail, loan companies will call to Chen’s parents. And then the family knew that the daughter had caused such a great deal of trouble behind them. Student Chen: "considering the problem of credit information, my parents have paid the money first, but now they have changed their attitude towards me." Because he has not been able to contact Lee, Xiao Chen is not only anxious, but also particularly regret. Student Chen: "I helped you, now you can not harm me, hurt me, I think that I did wrong, I bear.". But I can’t bear the result, so I can only bear it with my family. I’m also very sick. Please pay back as soon as possible." Between friends, in addition to mutual aid, should also be sincere. I hope this friend of Chen Lee, can put the money back to Chen as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be who wants to be your friend?

大学生为朋友仗义贷款两万四 还款时朋友失联 女子仗义帮朋友贷款 还款时朋友却玩失联 西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市快报》记者 张坤)人常说:为朋友两肋插刀。一位女大学生倒是挺仗义,可貌似她的朋友不怎么地道。  大学生小陈:“我最近特别苦恼,我妈已经离家出走好几次了,她给我说,我在家她就不想看见我。”   父母不待见,自己还特苦恼。大四学生小陈说,自己这次算是真的伤父母心了。而这一切的起因,都源于自己对朋友的那份仗义!  大学生小陈:“在五月份的时候,我一个朋友带着另外一个朋友过来给我说,他非常着急用钱,因为他们说他们在社会上借不到钱,他想通过我大学生贷款帮他贷上一笔钱。”  见是自己的发小介绍的朋友,小陈二话不说,答应了。  大学生小陈:“我当时就想着,朋友嘛,能帮一把是一把。当时给他贷了24000元,李某给我说,他会在一个月内一定给我还完,不会让我家人知道。”  贷款时,小陈是在朋友的担保下,从四家贷款公司借贷了这么多钱,还写了家长的联系方式。6月初,2万多的贷款到手后,她就把钱交给要借钱的李某。可还款期限到了,李某还没把钱给小陈还上。这下,小陈着急了。  小陈:“我已经给他打了无数个电话了,他永远都是不接,发微信也不回。”  而小陈的发小,作为这件事情的中间介绍人,现在也是不知所措。  小陈:“喂,现在这个钱怎么办?你能跟李某联系上吗?”   李某朋友: “我暂时跟他联系不上。”  小陈:“那现在这个事情怎么办呢?”   李某朋友:“等我给他打通电话后问他怎么办。”  大学生小陈:“有余期,违约金每天按天算,现在金额下来可能3万到4万块钱了。”  几经催款无果,贷款公司就将电话打到了小陈的父母那儿。这下,家人才知道女儿背着他们惹下了这么个大麻烦。  大学生小陈:“考虑到征信这个问题,我爸妈把这个钱先还上了,但现在对我的态度转变了。”  由于一直联系不上借钱的李某,小陈现在不仅着急,而且特别懊悔。  大学生小陈:“当初我帮你,现在你不能反过来害我,伤害到我,我觉得那我做错了事,我承担。但是,这个结果我承担不了,所以只能让我家人来承担,我也非常难受,请你尽快还钱。”  朋友之间,除了互帮互助,还应该真诚相待。希望小陈的这位朋友李某,能尽快把这笔钱还给小陈,不然,以后还会有谁敢做你的朋友呢?相关的主题文章: