Cultural and financial integration of the country’s cultural center to promote the depth of integrat

The cultural integration of financial depth to boost the construction of the national cultural center of Beijing cultural property rights trading center photo in August 26, 2016 to start a new business and new activities enable the Ministry of culture, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department leadership for president Zhang Dawei inaugurated the new chairman of North Center Ministry of culture, Beijing municipal government, the Beijing city investment group leader Yang Yungang, center and North North Center, Beijing cultural property rights trading center officially launched the "art asset management" and "the investment exchange" in front of new business. The guests witnessed by the Ministry of culture, Beijing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Leadership Center inaugurated the new north. To attend the activities as well as the leadership of the Beijing Cultural Heritage Office Director Zhou Maofei, director of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau assistant Jin Dongmei, Beijing city party secretary Zhang Jiaming Dongcheng District, Beijing City, the investment group party secretary and chairman Zhang Miao, the company Chinese cultural industry development group party secretary, chairman Luo Jun, Beijing Street Group Co., party secretary and chairman Li Hua. Activities by Zhao Lei, general manager of Beijing city investment group, deputy party secretary, vice chairman of the chair. Beijing Municipal Committee of the relevant government offices and the leadership of a number of important institutions, well-known artists and research institutes and other professors attended the event. North Center chairman Yang Yungang introduced the art of asset management, President Zhang Dawei launched Center Business Center for the North North exchange business center in December 2015, Bei Wen trading business on-line activities held in the Forbidden City ancestral temple, with the end of North Center to be Beijing city state-owned cultural property trading platform is currently specified, apply to become a state-owned cultural property designated central trading platform. In the attention and the correct leadership of the municipal government, the Beijing cultural property rights trading center is constantly improve the cultural property rights trading market business structure and optimization of the cultural property trading market environment, the development of the business expansion, creating a unique cultural center of Bei Wen enterprise brand, the formation of a number of business highlights, including the asset trading business the transaction amounted to 17 billion yuan, the state-owned property rights trading center of the successful completion of the Cultural Heritage Office of supervision of state-owned cultural enterprises property rights transactions, and is listed as the Beijing city cultural and creative industry development funds designated non listed enterprises merger and acquisition platform, currently has established cooperative relations with the city’s 16 district for the promotion center service window. North Center officially moved into the office area in front of today, the new office have been significantly improved in many aspects of office environment, business area, on-site display conditions etc.. At the opening, not only represents the hard power of enterprise development, which is a significant leap across the road of sustainable development, provided the necessary condition for the business to promote the next stage of development, but also marks the development of the cultural and financial cooperation Qianmen has taken substantive steps. The future North Center business will gradually implement the "7+2" mode of business planning, business development, focus on the state-owned assets in the board, the investment exchange, Mr King, the national investment alliance, cultural Finance Research Institute, Design Institute of cultural industry, cultural industry, art asset management business credit management company nine business, the gradual accumulation of culture the financial factor in the formation of new surroundings. Article s相关的主题文章: