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Debt-Relief There are a variety reasons why one would want to turn to cyber begging to help with financial assistance. For the many who do choose to ask for money online using a service that hosts your page and information can be a lifesaver for those who need money. Many of the famous cyber beggars in the past, such as Karyn Bosnak purchased their own domain, hosting, and learning how to manage a web page. But not everyone has the money to purchase a domain and hosting, and have time to learn HTML, the basic language to design program a web page. That is where many cyber begging websites .e in. They allow you to start a web page that displays your story and a link to your Paypal donation site, often for a minimal monthly and yearly fee. These fees vary, but to get your campaign online and running quickly with few obstacles, a website that is dedicated to helping you ask for money online is a great idea. Let us consider the the steps and money involved in starting your own cyber begging website .pared to the quick and easy setup of a dedicated cyber begging website. First, you need a domain name that is easy to type and remember. A .. or .net are roughly about $11 each, although prices may rise in mid-2010. There are many websites that allow you to purchase and manage your domain name. Godaddy is well known, however is extremely slow. Register.. is one of the oldest and more straight forward. Next, you will need to find a web host. There are tens of thousands of web hosts to choose from for your cyber begging website. Just like with most products, you end up paying for what you get. The best hosts often tend to be about $10 a month. You could get buy purchasing something lower, but check for reviews first. Most .panies have tremendous savings if you purchase an entire year in advance. Now that you have your domain and pointed it to your hosting .pany’s nameserver, you can now make your web page, or pages. Learn HTML doesn’t take too long and you can of course use content management systems like the popular and free WordPress. But just like HTML, learning how to install and maintain a MySql database to use with WordPress can be tricky for the simpleton. After all those steps, a do it yourself cyber begging website can set you back a minimum of $130 for just maximum of one year. Joining a website that hosts your page for a minimal fee can help you save over time, and doesn’t pigeonhole you into running your website for an entire year. If your donations are successful you can cancel your account early, minimizing the capital you use to invest to ask for money online. Professional websites that have been around also have a decent amount of traffic already hitting their websites. This means you can spend less time trying to drive traffic that converts. Cyber begging can be a wonderful way to help individuals and families raise additional funds for a variety of reasons, without the shame of asking for a handout. This article should have helped with the decision on running your own site, or to use a current website to host your page for you. Bio: David Lands has been intrigued by the concept of cyber begging and asking for money online for many years now and has been tracking the results of those who use this inter. phenomenon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: