Do not check Raiders, these hotels contracted your 2017 travel destination 白人男辱骂华裔女 岳云鹏撞脸合影


has seen an article in the past, said: "there is a kind of travel destination, will make you want to live." I think on this planet, so many elegant style hotel should let a lot of people to the hotel as one of the travel destination? Year after year, day after day, each person who likes to travel in accordance with the fixed or random lines of migration, not on the pipeline will encounter what. But as long as you live in the hotel, you will find a different travel inspiration.

The Peninsula Hotel Shanghai

2016 is the first Michelin landing in Shanghai, the two restaurant of The Peninsula Hotel Shanghai suddenly picked three stars, Yi Long court was named Liz, sir Elly restaurant was named a star, let Shanghai become the only mainland The Peninsula Hotel a two Michelin restaurant wine shop.

The Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai opened 09 years, although in recent years the high-end hotel in Shanghai one after another, but in the Travel + Leisure award of the Asia The Best Hotel, The Peninsula Hotel has two consecutive years won the first.


The Peninsula Hotel room Riverview is invincible and atmospheric design, but to win the live off center, or peninsula quality service. The hotel has its own team, whether it is an extended version of the Rolls-Royce, or BMW, you can sit in a luxury car, enjoy exclusive pick up service.

on the TripAdvisor page of the Shanghai Peninsula, whether it is good or not, in recent years, each evaluation will be back to the hotel managers. One of the comments came from an ordinary tourist who had been in the Bund for half an hour without hitting the car, and finally the The Peninsula Hotel staff helped him to call the car.

in October this year, The Peninsula Hotel and the famous fashion photographer Chen Man conducted a cross-border cooperation. October is breast cancer awareness month, and in order to raise awareness of breast cancer, The Peninsula Hotel has chosen a very artistic approach.

at the The Peninsula Hotel Chen man Classic Photography, more than two large pink circle, and the guests through the traditional "scratch" bamboo sticks, remove the picture on the pink, can look like the original work. Finally, the works auction, the proceeds donated to charity.

Shanghai Wanda Ruihua

Shanghai Wanda Ruihua is Wanda hotels and resorts, following Wuhan, Chengdu after the third opening Wanda Ruihua hotel. The hotel’s exterior and interior design are from the famous British architectural firm Foster+Partners and Wanda Design Institute, with Art Deco and Shanghai style;