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Internet-and-Business-Online Now employers and managers can determine if employees are wasting company’s time and resources by surfing the Internet for personal interests, viewing inappropriate downloads or Web sites, or illicitly transmitting proprietary secrets. Employee surveillance usually covers: Internet and email monitoring, computer activity, or IT equipment use. A solution for this problem is offered by Cyclope Series under the name of Cyclope Employee Surveillance. Cyclope Series has been developed to provide the necessary information about employee productivity and the use of IT infrastructure, for IT specialists and managers. Cyclope Employee Surveillance is a total employee control package, striving to eradicate inefficiencies and promote cost-effective labor. Cyclope Employee Surveillance tracks all applications and programs launched/accessed as well as the total duration of each user’s activity in each program / application (hours and percentage). Cyclope Employee Surveillance also takes care of the traditional employee control concerns, such as attendance and overtime. Using Cyclope you can determine the time or percentage the employees are involved in online activities, such as: Internet, chat, downloads etc. Beside the time spent on chat conversations, Cyclope also reveals the chat ID of the persons the employee has discussed with, and the time spent with each of them. Cyclope monitors every web page / site accessed by the employees and saves a record of those URLs and domain names. Also the time spent on those web resources is recorded. The manager can define rules for each employee or group regarding the work schedule, idle time, internet and chat activity, through the alerts option. The alerts are activated only if the employee’s activity does not comply with the defined rules. Cyclope arms management with focused, highly detailed reports generated through the effortlessly ideal graphical web user interface. The dual functionality of Cyclope Employee Surveillance in monitoring and controlling employee productivity whilst generating internet traffic reports affords a degree of certainty in personnel management. For more information about employee monitoring you can visit our site: ..cyclope-series… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: