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Dong Yong "go" in the drama on the stage with his son Lin Zhaohua debut – Beijing Beijing in October 23 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) in Wuzhen has just completed the first round of the drama festival show "doctor Godot or six people for eighteenth camels" by Lin Zhaohua and Lin Xi and his son more directed the movie "the old play on the stage of the bone", "pupil" starring Dong Yong. Although Lin Xiyue told him to play up the mentality of the show, but to complete the stage of the virgin show, Dong Yong admits that drama is difficult to play. Drama "Godot doctor or six people for eighteenth camels" tells the story of a psychiatric hospital in five schizophrenia patients each thought that he was a famous playwright Bernard Shaw, Pirandello, Bly Hitt, Yune J Cu, Beckett, five respectively in the five playwrights of the first person perspective and tone of banter ridicule the other forms of drama, ideas and achievements. In director Lin Zhaohua’s design, it’s a "no drama, no show, no show."". The reason to choose this theme script, the original itself does not have the Xiyue Lin revealed that the drama structure, this book is the father in old age, for a pursuit — stage performance is to let everyone play a play, how comfortable how to play, the actors sit at the desk, holding the script for words. In fact, this seemingly easy way to perform in the rehearsal phase almost let Dong Yong crazy. I just got the script, he did not understand. "One mouth, all nouns, all of which are ‘dramatic conflicts’,’ verbal action ‘,’ realism ‘and the’ absurd’…… I can’t even open my mouth. Later, said the guide, the script does not have to be very skilled, is to read the script, the lines clear, the characters can be expressed. I guess that’s not hard. Director Lin Xiyue said, a month of rehearsal by the script, but also just got the script back to the original state." "I still wonder what appearance, what is the end of it, the middle of what exactly is play make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks ah, crazy, or crazy drama writer, playwright or lunatic all away, according to my understanding of Dong Yong to read the lines, I finally decided what they do not want, so I they are easier. Because I don’t know what my mouth is a primary school, drama." It is this going to "students" mentality, let Dong Yong show surprisingly good state. He and other actors on the stage and the audience interaction make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks awfully, the audience laugh will cause knowing laughter and applause. "The audience’s laughter and applause as I reassured, suddenly at ease." Lin Xiyue believes that the biggest advantage is not acted in drama Dong Yong compared with theatre actor, he is very calm, happy, didn’t pick up, very good. He asked me if he was such a ‘play’, and I said that you had a special ‘play’ that made people feel funny." (end)相关的主题文章: