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Dream Studio: for the young users to explore new types of theme Tencent entertainment news September 17th, the theme of "new exploration · total growth of the Tencent ‘annual conference held in Beijing, at the press conference, one of the three Tencent film studio studio work dream released the 2017 single key projects. Deputy general manager of Tencent, Olajuwon pictures movie studio general manager Chen Hongwei said, has been the dream of "not to do the film studio isolated, not deliberately to do the film" the purpose, and "Young, Fresh, Fine, Smart" movie category selection criteria, through practice to find their own path and method of film, and the success of screening a number of seed film outstanding single. In this conference, the dream studio released a total of 12 film projects. Film Tencent deputy general manager, general manager Chen Hongwei Dream Studio 1, "juvenile" Tencent after the establishment of master and pictures of the first film and television projects, will be released in December 9th. Director Yang Shupeng, actor Howe, Guo Shutong attended the conference. Yang Shupeng said, juvenile is a distinct from the existing youth theme, very distinctive type of youth crime film. Hao Hao, Guo Shutong, Chen Hongwei and the 2 of the "Star", according to the Tencent animation platform adaptation of the same name of the science fiction theme film, has entered the stage of preparation for the start of the. As a science fiction film different from Hollywood style, director Zhang Xiaobei at the scene about the significance of the new type of film for the current Chinese film market. Zhang Xiaobei and Chen Hongwei 3& 4 "one hundred thousand joke 2", "snow child" director Lu Hengyu, Chen Hongwei and Li Shujie jointly issued a two IP project, one is "one hundred thousand joke 2" the latest progress; the other is a new release, the re interpretation of last century 80s Shanghai film studio classic animated film "snow child". Director Li Shujie said, "snow child" is a childhood dream, hope and Tencent pictures together, make quiet let a person to accept the work. Chen Bo, director of the United States, Shanghai shadow factory, the president of the era of micro Bo lin ning also participated in the joint release. 5, "" peerless master Chen Hongwei and a joint Chupin Chenming pictures chairman Dong Chenchen jointly issued a comedy film "peerless master". 6, the "twenty thousand plan" director Lu Chuan’s "twenty thousand plan", the first attempt to become the dream studio pan entertainment film project. Lu Chuan said, this is one of the international target market works, he hopes to promote the movie at the same time, can also promote the games, animation, literature development, obviously, the Tencent is the most appropriate platform for cooperation. Lu Chuan and Tencent pan entertainment cooperation source for a long time. As early as 2012, when the concept of Pan entertainment Tencent just put forward in the industry, Lu Chuan served as Tencent mutual entertainment pan entertainment master consultant group chief TV consultant. Lu Chuan and Chen Hongwei 7, "fighting God" 5 years ago, a CG trailer for many game player to a game based on the West — "fighting God". 5 years later, "fighting God" the movie project officially started, the achievements of the West series movie producer Liu Xiaoguang served as producer. Liu Xiaoguang at the scene to share, why would choose.相关的主题文章: