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Business Few things which your office should be equipped with include conferencing SoundStations and all the other equipments which can help your business to grow faster. SoundStation has enhanced the technology of conference phones. SoundStation enables all the people in the conference room to converse with all other people present at the other location. SoundStation offers crystal clear voice quality thus making .munication more genuine. It can be easily installed and very easy to use. Today many small to medium sized business houses are using SoundStations to cut their travel time and cost. SoundStations have been appreciated for their excellent performance and full duplex technology. Single line phone is another tool to .municate. These phones are very popular for the extensive features it provides. Some of the splendid features of single line phone are: * Call Forwarding: This facility lets you sends your in.ing calls to another extension. * Call Transfer: By using this facility one can transfer its call to another extension. * Conference Call: It is one of the most important features of single line phone. Conference call enables you to talk with many of your friends at the same time. * Redial: It is very .mon feature. Just enter a special code and the phone will automatically dial the last dialed number. * Speed Calling: You can set a one or two digit code for each number that helps you call that particular number very fast. Uninterruptible power supply is very important for your office. In case of power cut, UPS prevents .puter system from instant off. Due to instant off you can loose file on which you are working. UPS provide battery back up to .puter systems so that you can save the file on which you are working. It is not necessary that you can only use uninterruptible power supply for .puter systems only, you can also use batter back up for your plasma TVs in case you want to prevent them from voltage fluctuation. There are many .panies which offer phones and other accessories. And due to tough .petition one can get the best bargain deals. So, if you are planning to construct an office do not f.et to install necessary phone and other equipments which can help you in saving time and money. Be it single line phone, telepresence, uninterruptible power supply one can not deny their usefulness in the business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: