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Build-Muscle Is eating to build muscle mass the right decision? According to most body building enthusiasts and experts, the answer is yes. Eating does not automatically make you grow lean muscles, but it is the first step towards that goal. Isn’t eating to build muscle mass make you gain weight instead? Again, the answer is yes. Then how can you have lean muscles if what you’re gaining instead is weight? Here’s how: The first step to building lean muscles Before you can build muscles, you need to eat right. That is why we said earlier that eating is a way of building muscle mass. You need to increase the amount of food you consume so that you have all the variables in place for your body to grow. Increasing the amount of food you take is one way of increasing your bulk. Eating the right food is another. If you want to gain weight and put on muscle, you need to increase your caloric intake. You also need lots of protein since protein is the foundation of muscle-building. Carbohydrates are also a must to provide you with the necessary energy needed for the next step. The second step to having lean muscles Now that you’ve looked at increasing your dietary food intake so that you are eating the right nutritious foods in .bination with a high protein diet, you’re now ready for the second step which is to exercise by doing weight training. The next step is using that energy and high protein diet to stimulate muscular growth and gain lean muscle tissue by forcing your body to slowly adapt to increasing loads on a repetitive basis ( otherwise known as sets and reps ). And you can do this by working out. There are a number of exercises that help a person grow lean muscles. Re.mended exercises One is lifting weights. No matter what variation of this exercise you use, it will result in transforming your body if you do the exercises correctly and pay attention to both diet and rest. Just do it properly and regularly. Another .mon muscle-building exercise is the squat. One basic example of this workout is standing with your feet apart while cradling a barbell or weight bar. Without bending your back, squat slowly until your elbows touch the knees. Return to original position and repeat the procedure. The squat is known as the king of exercises. To .plete your workout program, do bench presses. Lie on a bench with your feet free of the bench and flat on the floor. Hold a weight bar and slowly lower it towards your chest then lift it upwards without lifting your body from the bench or your feet from the floor. If you stick to core exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench press and chinups you’ll grow a lot quicker and your body will look balanced. Don’t fall for doing dumbbell curls like so many do in the gym without doing the exercises which actually make you grow. Eating to build muscle mass is only the first step. After you’ve decided on a good eating plan, you need to get busy training to grow lean muscles wherein you will need the second step which is to workout regularly and allow your body time to rest and recuperate in between sessions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: