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"The economist": the excellent step will lead the future traffic changes in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes to warrant the "economist" magazine review: "the economist" latest cover the world’s highest valuation of start-up companies and step lead the future traffic changes. "Let’s step". There are very few companies whose products or services are so popular that the company becomes a verb. However, this is just one of the many achievements that have been achieved. Excellent step was established in 2009, is now the world’s highest valuation of start-ups, the valuation of up to $70 billion. Excellent step application can be called the car in the world’s more than and 400 city immediately around the taxi driver in anger. However, the ambition to support its excellent step valuation expectations much more excellent step to use automatic driving a car to make a taxi cheaper and convenient, make people completely dispel the idea with a car. It is not satisfied with the shock of $100 billion in the year of the taxi market business, but focus on the market size of the much larger personal travel market – the size of the global personal travel market up to $10 trillion a year. There are more than one excellent step. Large and small companies are aware of the changes in the potential of the electric drive vehicle. Technology companies, including apple, Google and Tesla, are investing heavily in automated vehicles; from Ford to Volvo, existing carmakers scramble. An epic struggle looms. This will change people’s daily lives, as much as the depth of the car in twentieth Century, the impact of the transformation of the traffic, reshaping the city, while significantly reducing the number of traffic fatalities and pollution. With the wheels of change. The short term optimal step will lead this revolution, because it occupies a dominant position in the fastest-growing car service market. Morgan Stanley Investment Bank data show that the current car called global mileage of less than 4%, but by 2030 will increase to more than 25%. Smart phones can be used to call the car not only to make it easier for individuals to buy cheaper taxi. Uberpool carpool service will go the same direction of the passengers fight into a car, blurring the private traffic and public transport. Helsinki and other city has started a bus called the car service, and to allow passengers to plan, scheduled when the application will train, bus and walk and private car sharing service combination. If done properly, the public transport network will be able to cover the last mile, the people directly to the doorstep. This will allow the car market to extend far beyond the rich people who are currently the main users. In the long run, however, the automatic driving of cars will promote the change of traffic. The first trial vehicles are on the road. Google is in the mountain View (Mountain) headquarters near the main street to test the autopilot. NuTonomy, a start-up company recently launched an unmanned taxi service in singapore. Tesla’s electric car is equipped with a variety of driving assistance technology. In the next few weeks, excellent step will also be provided to the Pittsburgh passenger car driver service (7)相关的主题文章: