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.puters-and-Technology Cigarette smokers have been getting a bad reputation lately, mostly due to the awareness of the health risks posed by cigarette smoke to users and people around them, while they smoke. Therefore, it was only natural that a better alternative to the tobacco based cigarettes would be developed, called the Electronic cigarette. This type of cigarette does not emit smoke, but still delivers a nice nicotine flavor, providing the best of both worlds to cigarette smokers. So if you are trying to wean yourself off traditional cigarettes, or are looking for a better smoke free alternative, then you should buy Electronic cigarette, which .es with an E-Cigarette Starter Kit. Cigarette smoke is .monly associated with a handful of life threatening conditions, like lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, etc, which can either limit or reduce the quality of your life. By that fact alone, it would be wise to avoid smoking those toxic chemical based cigarettes. So how exactly does the electronic cigarette work? First off, when you buy Electronic cigarette it will .e in an E-Cigarette Starter Kit, which has an atomizer, battery, charger and refill cartridges. As opposed to traditional cigarettes which require flame to burn nicotine, an Electronic cigarette uses a battery to burn a chemical substance, known as e-juice, turning it into vapor and delivering a rich aromatic taste to the smoker. This chemical substance is perfectly harmless to smokers, and .e in a numbers of flavors, such as rum, cappuccino, cola and of course the traditional nicotine flavor. This type of cigarette is designed to look and feel like the real thing, except that there is not ash residue. So when you buy Electronic cigarette, you wont have to worry about leaving a mess where ever you may be. Since the smoke emitted is safe to smokers, you wont worry about any health related effects to yourself and those people around you. You also dont need a lighter or match to light it, and since its quite portable, you can store it in any one of your pockets. The e-juice found in your E-Cigarette Starter Kit, is made up of water, propylene glycol and food flavors. Once set up, the sole thing your E-Cigarette will need is a well charged battery and you are good to go. Your E-Cigarette Starter Kit will have a battery charger, spare bottles of e-juice, and a spare set cartridges/ mouth piece. Cigarette smokers should buy Electronic cigarette if they hope to have a guilt-free and healthy standard of living. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: