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Small Business When it comes to the computer there are all sorts of gadgets out there these that can enhance your productiveness and enjoyment of the device. A Hamburger Speaker is basically your handy audio speaker with booming sounds. It is designed like the usual hamburger but with an groundbreaking accordion style form which produces good sound quality. It is transportable and has a attractive design which you can display in your home to provide beautiful music or you can easily carry it on your next picnic or beach party. This handy speaker goes well with any of your transportable gadgets which have a 3.5 Mm audio jack like an iPod, PSP, MP3 and MP4 players, it can even fit your laptops, personal computers, mobile phones, PDAs and CD players. The hamburger amplifier is generally 36 mm in diameter and has a loudspeaker output of 2.4 Watts. It also has a 3.7 Battery voltage and 300mAh battery capacity. Its batteries can be charged from 2 hours on a charger or approximately 4 hours if you are charging via the USB. Many of these speakers use a rechargeable lithium ion battery and can give you 4 to 8 hours of music. Many speakers also come with a LED power indicator for you to keep an eye on the battery life and power source. This portable speaker also has loud speakers, big bass features, solid cone shape and a 360 degree amplifier which makes listening to your favorite music even more fun. This transportable hamburger amplifier conventionally costs eight to 40 US dollars depending on product specifications and brands. There are many online stores which offer relatively cheap priced hamburger amplifier; some even offer discounts of up to 60% off its original price. There are also websites which gives customer reviews to give you an idea on how this product actually works. Be sure to check for the speakers’ warranty to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. A lot of online sellers also offer free shipping when you purchase from their site. In case you want to see the actual speaker and try it out before buying, your best option is to buy one at a gadget store near your area. If you’re someone who’s fond of listening to music but hates carrying around a bulky speaker with you, a hamburger speaker can do the trick. Begin your hunt the perfect hamburger amplifier to play beautiful music for you and your friends today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: