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Health I was an emotional eater for many years. This inevitably led to me being overweight. I never considered myself a greedy person. Mostly I ate really healthily – I am one of those rare people who enjoy vegetables and salad, I don’t add butter to mashed potato and I love fish and chicken. I don’t particularly like sweet things and chocolate can be in my fridge for months and I would not consider eating it. Most days I would have a breakfast, lunch and evening meal and these would be reasonably healthy. I have never been into snacking for snacking sake. So why was I so overweight. All my life I have enjoyed food, if I go out it will normally be for a meal and some wine. Food has always made me feel good so I see it as part of my social life. n theory this should not be a problem, everything in moderation. However, food also became my emotional crutch and this is where the damage was done. As soon as something emotional happened in my life I turned to food as a comforter. At the time I did not really care what it was, I just reached for the first thing that came to hand and ate it in seconds, often washed down with a glass of wine. So a stressful day at work, a disagreement with my husband, not knowing where my son was – you name it, anything that made me feel emotional made me reach for my comforter – Food. So Is it Greed? Emotional eating has nothing to do with greed. Often you are totally unaware that you are eating unnecessarily, your mind is so focussed on the issue that has affected you, your brain sends a signal to your body that it wants whatever it is that makes you feel good and in this case it is food. Most people who eat when emotional would not consider overeating at other times. However, after eating excessively the individual normally feels racked with guilt, realises that it has resolved nothing and knowing that they have gained nothing but weight. Unfortunately most people who eat out of emotion are overweight. They are perceived by slim people as being greedy and this just compounds their issues and leads to the never ending cycle of emotional eating and inevitably yo-yo dieting. Take the first step to end emotional eating by accepting that this is what you currently do. About the Author: My name is Karen, I have been a successful business woman for many years and I now own and run my own company. After losing 49 pounds / 22 kilos I have written a series of reports documenting my weight loss journey in which time I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and made an amazing discovery to Fast, Effortless, Permanent, Weight Loss To receive your free reports click on the following link: http://www.freetheslimyou.com Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Health Whether you are trying to get into shape, get into better shape or are in the best shape of your life, you will certainly be able to gain from these fantastic fitness ideas which can help you reach any fitness objective that you have in mind. … 相关的主题文章: