[exclusive inventory] in September 2016, Gansu investigated a number of typical problems of discipli-www.yofoto.cn

Exclusive inventory] in September 2016, Gansu investigated and dealt with a group of typical problems of violation of the discipline of work style — Gansu channel — people’s network. Lanzhou announced 3 typical problems of the grassroots discipline inspection and supervision cadres who failed to perform their duties. 1., Yuzhong county’s Xiaokang Township Commission for Discipline Inspection did not fulfill its supervisory responsibilities. Wang Binxia, deputy secretary of the township Commission for Discipline Inspection, was investigating the clues of the disciplinary problems of the Party branch secretary Li Jialin, the village director Yang Zejiang and the former village director Li Jiagui. [detailed] two. The city of Dingxi reported 5 violations of the mental typical problems of the eight provisions of the Central Committee 1. in Longyang County, Tongwei county. In December 2, 2015, Long Yang Xiang to reception on the grounds, to buy Shanghai Island Laojiao Tequ, black box 4 Lanzhou 10 cigarettes, totaling 5832 yuan. In December 7, 2015, when the Tongwei county government carried out year-end examination for Longyang Township, Longyang Township violated the official reception regulations, and placed some cigarettes and alcohol in some members of the assessment group. [detailed] three. The city of Zhangye reported 3 violations of the mental typical problems of the eight provisions of the Central Committee 1. of the Linze Water Bureau and the office of the water pipe station. In September 2013, during the construction of the office room of the Liyuan River Estuary Management Station, the Bureau was constructed super area and super budget. At the same time, the Council also has a reception site illegal reception set in flood control and drought relief materials reserve forest farm, warehouse, Wu Quan Liyuan River Estuary Management Station, the problem of long-term occupation of subordinate enterprises vehicles etc……. [detailed] four. Linxia state reported 4 violations of the spiritual typical problems of the eight provisions of the Central Committee 1. Linxia Municipal Science Association driver Meng Liang bus private use. In January 3, 2016, the driver of the unit, Meng Liang, used a unit vehicle to handle private affairs in violation of the regulations on the management and use of public service vehicles. In February 2016, the Linxia municipal supervision bureau gave Meng Liang administrative warning. 2. Zhou Qingjie, the principal of the sixth middle school in Dongxiang County, issued a problem of subsidy. In April 2014, Zhou Qingjie in the teaching and research activities of funds and funds from offices…… Five. The 5 Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection notified 5 of the spiritual problems of the eight Central regulations. 1. Chen Haowen, the former party member of the forestry department and the former deputy director of the provincial green committee office, did not receive the gift money illegally. In April 2015, Chen Haowen borrowed for the funeral of the machine for his father, accepting subordinate units and business related units, personal gifts 200 thousand yuan; in addition, the eighteen after Chen Haowen repeatedly received the relevant units, individual gifts of money totaling 185 thousand yuan. [detailed] six. Baiyin reported 10 cases of violation of the spiritual typical problems of the eight provisions of the Central Committee of the 1. white silver district agricultural machinery bureau, former director Wei Yongxia, the issue of travel expenses for the reimbursement of illegal reimbursement. In from April 22 to 24, 2013, after training for business in Xiamen, Wei Yongxia traveled to Wuyishan, Gulangyu Islet and other places. The cost of reimbursement was 4375 yuan. Wei Yongxia was punished by the party, and the funds were recovered. [with] seven. Wuwei City informed and corruption 4 unwholesome tendencies against the interests of the people of Liangzhou District 1. fenglezhen Huai village Party branch secretary Zhang Jianrui illegal expenditure compensation problem. In 2013, during the land expropriation work of the Golden Avenue construction project in Wuwei, 3 Zhang Jianrui cadres and other village cadres were reimbursed for their personal phone charges, motorcycle refueling fees and entertainment expenses, which amounted to 12480 yuan from the huexi village land expropriation compensation. [with] eight. Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection notified 3 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems in 1. Gannan Economic Construction Management Bureau of Yintao misappropriation of funds to buy gifts, souvenirs of illegal. From November 2011 to October 2015, Gannan Economic Construction Management Bureau Yintao misappropriation of construction funds to buy gifts, souvenirs. Bao Yonghong, the current director, was punished by inner-party warning for failing to carry out the main responsibility of building the party’s clean and honest government. Nine. Dingxi reported 6 unhealthy practices and corruption problems in the field of poverty alleviation. 1., Ma Feng, the first water station manager of the rural water supply management in Longxi County, misappropriated the material cost of water supply and household for farmers. From January 2012 to May 2013 in Longxi County, Gansu Province Yintao supporting rural water supply through home projects, their positions will be charged by Ma Feng, successively Ke Zhai Xiang grape village 5 village water supply materials home expenses of 156 households in personal spending, totaling 205866 yuan. Ten. Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection notified 4 cases of unhealthy trend of corruption and corruption in the field of poverty alleviation. 1., Ma Xianqing, director of village village committee of flood village of Zhangye County, violated the "minimum living security" problem. From January 2014 to September 2015, Ma Xianqing use of his office, I will be illegal and 3 family members identified as two residents, and receive low premiums totaling 16104 yuan. Eleven. Pingliang has reported 8 typical mental problems that violate the eight provisions of the Central Committee. Deng Hengwei, director of the school district of Cao Feng Town, Kongtong District, did not receive the gift money illegally. In November 2015, during his funeral for his father, Deng Hengwei received about 5200 yuan of ceremony and gold for about 80 people in the school of grass peak town. In August 2016, the Pingliang municipal discipline Commission gave a warning to Deng Hengwei within the party. The illegal receipt of gifts to be repaying, and inform the city’s education system. [with] twelve. Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 4 from the central eight provisions violate the spirit of 1. Jiayuguan City Federation of industry and Commerce vice chairman Zhang Jianhong private car public issues. From April 2014 to April 2016, Zhang Jianhong took private car office as the cause, and the fuel charge of illegal reimbursement was 4957 yuan. Zhang Jianhong was punished by the party warnings, and at the same time it was free from the Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Federation of industry and commerce. [details] (commissioning editor: Shao Lan, Tong Wang)

【独家盘点】2016年9月甘肃查处一批违反作风纪律规定典型问题–甘肃频道–人民网 一.兰州市通报3起基层纪检监察干部履责不力典型问题 1.榆中县小康营乡纪委履行监督责任不到位问题。该乡纪委副书记王宾霞在调查彭家营村党支部书记李家霖、村主任杨泽江、原村主任李家贵违纪问题线索过程中,调查取证工作不实不细,导致上述违纪问题未被及时发现和查处。【详细】 二.定西市通报5起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题 1.通渭县陇阳乡违规接待问题。2015年12月2日,陇阳乡以接待为由,购买沪洲老窖特曲4箱、黑兰州香烟10条,共计5832元。2015年12月7日,通渭县政府在对陇阳乡进行年终考核时,陇阳乡违反公务接待规定,在部分考核组成员房间摆放烟酒。【详细】 三.张掖市通报3起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题 1.临泽县水务局违规建设水管站办公用房等问题。2013年9月,该局在修建梨园河河口管理站办公用房时,超面积建设、超预算装修。同时,该局还存在在防汛抗旱物资储备仓库、五泉林场农场、梨园河河口管理站等处设置接待场所违规接待,长期占用下属企业车辆等问题……【详细】 四.临夏州通报4起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题 1.临夏市科协司机孟亮公车私用问题。2016年1月3日,该单位司机孟亮使用单位车辆办理私事,违反公务车辆管理使用规定。2016年2月,临夏市监察局给予孟亮行政警告处分。2.东乡县第六中学校长周清杰违规发放补助问题。2014年4月,周清杰以教研活动经费和处室经费名……【详细】 五.甘肃省纪委通报5起违反中央八项规定精神问题 1.甘肃省林业厅原党组成员、省绿化委办公室原副主任陈浩文违规收受礼金问题。2015年4月,陈浩文借为其父办理丧事之机,收受下属单位和业务关联单位、个人礼金20万元;此外,十八大后陈浩文多次收受有关单位、个人所送礼金总计18.5万元。【详细】 六.白银市通报10起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题 1.白银区农机局原局长魏永霞违规报销差旅费问题。2013年4月22日至24日,魏永霞在厦门参加业务培训后,前往武夷山、鼓浪屿等地旅游,违规报销费用共计4375元。魏永霞受到党内警告处分,违纪资金予以追缴。【详细】 七.武威市通报4起侵害群众利益的不正之风和腐败问题 1.凉州区丰乐镇怀西村党支部书记张建瑞违规开支征地补偿款等问题。2013年,在武威市金色大道建设项目征地工作中,张建瑞等3名村干部从怀西村征地补偿款中违规报销个人电话费、摩托车加油费、招待费等共计12480元。【详细】 八.甘肃省纪委通报3起违反中央八项规定精神问题 1.甘南州引洮济合建设管理局挪用资金违规购买礼品、土特产问题。2011年11月至2015年10月,甘南州引洮济合建设管理局挪用工程建设资金购买礼品、土特产。时任局长包永红因履行党风廉政建设主体责任不力,受到党内警告处分。【详细】 九.定西市通报6起扶贫领域的不正之风和腐败问题 1.陇西县农村供水管理所首阳站水管员马锋挪用农户供水入户材料费问题。2012年1月至2013年5月,在陇西县引洮配套陇通农村供水入户工程中,马锋利用职务之便,先后将收取的柯寨乡葡萄村等5个村156户农户的供水入户材料费用于个人支出,共计205866元。【详细】 十.甘肃省纪委通报4起扶贫领域侵害群众利益的不正之风和腐败问题 1.张掖市民乐县洪水镇马庄村村委会主任马贤清违规享受低保问题。2014年1月至2015年9月,马贤清利用职务便利,违规将本人及3名家庭成员确定为二类低保对象,并领取低保金共计16104元。【详细】 十一.平凉市通报8起违反中央八项规定精神典型问题 1.崆峒区草峰镇学区主任邓恒伟违规收受礼金问题。2015年11月,邓恒伟在为其父办理丧葬期间,收受草峰镇辖区各学校教职工约80人礼金共计5200元。2016年8月,平凉市纪委给予邓恒伟党内警告处分。违规收受的礼金予以清退,并在全市教育系统内进行通报。【详细】 十二.甘肃省纪委通报4起违反中央八项规定精神问题 1.嘉峪关市工商业联合会副主席张建红私车公养问题。2014年4月至2016年4月,张建红以开私家车办公事为由,违规报销燃油费共计4957元。张建红受到党内警告处分,同时免去其市工商业联合会党组副书记职务,违规报销费用追缴财政。【详细】 (责编:邵兰、王彤)相关的主题文章: