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"Farewell" officer Han Qing heart depict the warm heart warm heart Dad Dad – Sohu entertainment Sohu Han Qing entertainment, directed by Wang Jun He Qing and Hai Qing Zifeng Zhhang, screenwriter, Huang Lei, Zhu Yuanyuan, Han Qing starring idol, TFBOYS starred in the national special topic drama "small separation", the perfect ending yesterday in Zhejiang satellite tv. The drama with high ratings, has become a wind in summer. The play for three different levels of family, due to the "going abroad" and bring different troubles. Father Jin Zhiming family well-off family, always send and send children abroad issues around, during this period, Han Qing’s father Jin Zhiming showing all kinds of children’s heart warming behavior, also won the audience have to point praise. "Farewell" summer became a stream good father Han Qing won the audience like national opera "farewell" topic in the summer many fantasy drama big talent shows itself, known as the 2016 rare "conscience drama". According to CSM35 data show that the "separation" during the broadcast ratings won a total of 11 days, the network playing a total amount of up to 4 billion 680 million times, and was rated in relevant seminars as "a truly realistic works of excellence". Good works can not be separated from good actors. Played by Han Qing Jin Zhiming, his acting, warm heart image obtained many viewers praise. Jin Zhiming secretly send cincin mobile phone, forbear reluctant to sign cincin had sent that out with Wu Jiani, but can’t bear to see her sad…. Han Qing created a scene of impressive picture, many viewers said, must give him a big praise. To grasp the image of Han Qing will warm the heart of father portrayed penetrating for Han Qing, he is not the first to play the role of father. In the tiger daddy cat mother, Han Qing played a tough domineering, treat the child extremely harsh father. But in life, Han Qing is not harsh, on the contrary, he will be like Jin Zhiming gentle warm heart of the child. Han Qing also have a cute daughter like cincin, on weekdays, he will be carrying a mother to send her daughter some snacks or a small gift, he will respect the views of his daughter, and the daughter he will play together, he and Jin Zhiming are concerned about her daughter’s way is very similar, in the "small" from. As Jin Zhiming is handy. Coupled with the Han Qing superb acting, the warm heart of the father described penetrating, is also a matter of course. "Farewell" broadcast has ended, we continue to look forward to creating more and better Han Qing teacher role.相关的主题文章: