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Female passengers were strong men forced insurance framed search package driver to stop and alarm a burly chap in the bus claiming lost mobile phone, a female passenger side to open the bag of innocence, also requires no alarm. 550 bus driver Wang at a glance is strong in "framed", through the crowd, to stop the dispute, and alarm for female passengers to prove innocence. Yesterday, a female passenger Liu specially made banners, to enthusiastic driver wang. Ms. Liu said, on Wednesday afternoon, she rush 550 bus ride home, the vehicle arrived in Gutian four new road pier station, Ms. Liu to the back door ready to get off, then, stood a tall man suddenly pushed her near the back door. After that, Zhuang male loudly said to Ms. Liu, his mobile phone disappeared, suspected to be Liu stole, asked Ms. Liu to open bags for inspection. Ms. Liu doubted this hit is intentional, want to blackmail, or play other tricks, she immediately hold the bag, and the other passengers in the car to seek help, hope their alarm. See the strong male domineering, can not determine whether Liu had been wronged, all the passengers choose to wait and see. Driver Wang heard the loud, parked the car, go to the back position, think things may not be so simple, immediately stop the strong man "forced behavior", took out his mobile phone and call the police. Because it is late peak, after the end of the police, Wang master will arrange other passengers on the car to transfer, and will retain the strong men and other police. Soon, the police arrived, and strong men and Ms. Liu to the police station, Wang master also accompanied, and to the police to provide vehicle monitoring. The police investigation confirmed that it was a misunderstanding and asked the Zhuang men to apologize. In the face of facts, Zhuang men had to apologize to Ms. liu. Ms. Liu said, he was in the young man forced, panicked, originally hoping to help the passengers around, did not expect, we are unable to determine whether she is innocent, but the driver refused to sell, Master Wang to help her alarm card clean. So, specially made banner, hope master Wang justice more and more of these drivers. (reporter Zhang Quanlu Chen Yichen intern correspondent Song Mengxian Yan Jie) on the big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

女乘客遭壮男诬陷险被强行搜包 司机制止并报警  一个彪形大汉在公交车上声称丢了手机,硬要身旁一个女乘客打开包包证清白,还要求不准报警。公交550路司机王师傅一眼就识破壮汉是在“诬陷”,拨开围观群众,制止了这场争执,并报警为女乘客证清白。昨天,女乘客刘女士专门制作了锦旗,送给热心司机王师傅。  刘女士说,上周三下午,她下班乘坐550路公交车回家,车辆到达古田四路新墩站后,刘女士走向后门准备下车,这时候,站在后门附近的一个高大壮汉猛地推了她一下。之后,壮男大声对刘女士说,自己的手机不见了,怀疑是被刘女士偷了,要求刘女士打开包包进行检查。  刘女士怀疑男子这一撞是故意的,想讹诈,或者耍其他把戏,她立即抱紧包包,并寻求车上其他乘客帮忙,希望他们报警。看到壮男盛气凌人,又无法确定刘女士是否确实是被冤枉,周围的乘客都选择观望。  司机王师傅听到吵闹,停好车,走到后门的位置,觉得事情可能没这么简单,便立即制止了壮男的“逼迫行为”,掏出手机报了警。因为是晚高峰,报完警,王师傅便安排车上其他乘客转乘,并将壮男留住等警察。  很快民警赶到,并将壮男和刘女士带往派出所,王师傅也陪同前往,并向警方提供了车上监控。  警方调查后确认是一场误会,要求壮男道歉。在事实面前,壮男只好向刘女士道歉。  刘女士说,自己当时在壮男的逼迫下,惶恐不已,原本寄希望于周围的乘客帮忙,没想到,大家都无法确定她是否清白,不肯出手,唯独司机王师傅全力帮助她报警证清白。所以,特意制作了锦旗,希望王师傅这样的正义司机越来越多。(记者张全录 实习生陈怡辰 宋梦贤 通讯员晏杰)关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: