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UnCategorized I came to a place in my lifetime of searching for God, when I had been just been initiated in the Ancient Order of Swamis by the Maha-Avatar Babaji in 1997. I was sitting on a concrete slab in the entryway of a small temple .pound in Southern India. I was looking out over the countryside when suddenly I reached the space that was at once new and yet strangely familiar. I felt as if I was sitting behind or before an artistic scene, as if the artist with his brush had just finished a magnificent painting of trees, sky and Earth. There was a natural chorus of monkeys and birds within this masterpiece I was viewing. Every conception that I had about myself had suddenly collapsed. The concept of being a son, a twin, a student, a soldier, a father, a husband, a school teacher, a body worker, a yoga teacher, a chiropractic student, a doctor in medical hypnotherapy, a lecturer, and an author were gone, and I touched a space inside myself that was strangely familiar. You could say it was the presence of the I AM – pure being – without any qualifying definition. I felt it in the center of my chest, in my heart – the dynamic presence of Love as a power within me. It was animated in ways I’d never felt before – a vibration, what might be called in Sanskrit, a loka – a plane of existence. The trees became suddenly greener, the sky bluer, and the air fresher. The life within me and around me was all visible. I was definitely switched on to the Source Current of all life. I had the realization that I was ONE with it, .ing home, there was such a naturalness that it was so easy. We have it all along, but we go wandering in search of what we’ve left of greener pastures, and it’s a long, arduous journey, at best. I had been led to believe that what I was presently feeling- the attainment of such an exalted realization would take lifetimes, at best. When I studied Zen, it was clear that if I wanted this state of consciousness I’d have to sit on my knees with a straight back, not moving, in front of my roshi for 30 to 40 years! Possibly, then I might have a glimpse of this. When I studied meditation and yoga, I understood that if I did enough asanas or postures, if I twisted my body enough, stretched enough, chanted enough, practiced enough mantra and meditation, the Gurus might be pleased, and I might also have a sip from the Eternal Nectar of Divinity only they could taste. I had the unique privilege of studying with seven of the most powerful Gurus of this era, and I always brought with me this teaching. Tradition has perhaps bound us rather than set us free, and we’re in a time in history when we need faster solutions. If being connected to the Source of love and great inspiration has been important to us in the past, where we are at present certainly makes this even more urgent and relevant. This realization which connected me to the inner Source of Love- of Life itself was so beautiful. It was clear that all I could see and even the body I inhabited–whether in Armani or a simple cotton dhoti—was a gift of LOVE – was God. I had that realization, and I still have it. Once you catch the wave of it, there it is. Then you realize there are steps you can and must take to keep it alive. And you want to stay with it. Otherwise, it’s just another Aha! –in you past you barely remember. There are ways to keep the realization that you are One with the Source of Life. I knew at that point that I had to honor my body, because it was the carrier, and not only the carrier, but the very manifestation of Spiritual being love – being the Source of all vibration. The magnificence of the frangipani and the jasmine scents I was taking in as I sat there, and all the colors of this work of art – this masterpiece of the Mastery we call God was the realization that I was in It – that I was It and that somewhere in the distance a simple Indian woman kneeling and kneading chapatti dough on the dirt floor of her hut was looking out in my direction and seeing the landscape I was in. We’re in IT! We’re in God’s masterpiece and the Source of it is both within us and without. There is this Creative Unified Field – what the Chinese call the Tao and what the Native Americans call Great Spirit – the Living Animator behind it all -that connects everything without form – although all the forms are in it. It is Pure Beingness – all forms of energy. I was looking at it outside myself and I was feeling it inside myself and I knew my entire lifetime would be spent showing others that they are ONE with it all. As the spider spins its web from its body, the whole Universe, as we perceive it, is spinning from that space of pure joy — from the power of love within us, which is the God in which we live. This realization only came when I had stripped away, one by one, all limiting concepts of who I was – all identities – so that the Maha Vritti, the Big Wave, the Big Idea, the Central Truth for ALL of us, which is at the very core of existence, became evident and revealed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: