[fresh] sweet tooth carrot cake – eating and Sohu superrecovery

[when] fresh carrot cake – sweet tooth and Sohu in college is the most favorite three cafeteria cake, remember that the window has a variety of cake, green onion pancake, grasping cake, cake, pie, potato dregs Longfeng cake, carrot cake, each of which is very good, one of the most love is the carrot cake, both radish sweet and delicious cake is very delicious. After graduation, he did not do this little cake, getting old’t grasp the amount of ingredients, do it always just passable after a few, but to do good, do not need to add too much flour, is mainly radish, I love the aroma of coriander, joined the coriander, really sweet still, carrot and coriander together should be so delicious, so unexpected, ha ha, make a feeling, then to do so. Ingredients: carrot three or four flour 100 grams coriander 2 egg two onions a ginger oil 15 grams of salt a spoon scoop a spoonful of chicken five spice chicken juice a spoonful of steps: first, peel the carrot clean two, carrot three, chopped green onion silk rub ginger added to Hu radish add salt, chicken powder, five mix four, two into the egg, add the oil and chicken juice, mix five, coriander chopped, add mix six, add flour, flour and stir, the carrot silk surface with a thin layer of flour batter can, too much nutrition cake taste, mix well into the seven this can be eight, dianbingcheng gas preheating, the carrot batter added, according to the size of your love is good, fried side nine Until golden over fried on the other side, carrot cake until golden brown on both sides, ten fragrant with the aroma of coriander, very delicious.相关的主题文章: