Fugu low rent housing at a cost of nearly billion building sinking 1.2 meters can not stay (video) yuria

Fugu low rent housing at a cost of nearly billion building sinking 1.2 meters can not stay Niu Jia Gou District is one of the low rent housing projects of housing projects in Shaanxi province. This picture is from Beijing for four years, Liu Yuqin’s new home is still stuck in the "pumping room" on. If it goes well, she should have lived in Shaanxi County, Fugu, low-cost housing in the new building. But now, she and her family are still crowded in a small rented room, becoming a 109 tenants and other members of the. In November 1, 2012, Fugu County People’s government to "my county 109 households of urban poor families in the first batch of low-cost housing" title, reported by Liu Yuqin et al in the election ceremony "round for new dream" this event. But in fact, these people did not live in low rent housing, but continue to dwelling in the illegal construction activities of the board, or in the basement. "Beijing time" (micro signal: btime007) survey, in the "tenants" waiting for the four years, Niu Jia Gou low rent housing district experience foundation sink, maintenance, maintenance, and sinking two cycle cost has exceeded 90 million. But another winter is approaching, "tenants" in the new premises but still elusive. The workers in the surrounding buildings dug deep repair. Note on the new home Liu Yuqin has never forgotten the joy of the original mood. In October 27, 2012, Liu Yuqin received the "Fugu low-cost housing Shiwupeizu admission notice, they have made the housing qualification notice said, housing rental housing for Niu Jia Gou Lian, in the October 31st election to the designated place. She looked forward to the thin paper for two years. Liu Yuqin’s "old man" (local dialect for her husband’s address) was seriously ill and lost the ability to work. In earlier years, they have been living in the illegal building activities of the board, then the couple rented a shop, a room with a partition is divided into two parts, the front to do a little business, the Liu Yuqin family lived behind the partition. A dozen square meters of partition room, put a bunk beds, with live children, the couple lived under. The rest of the space just enough to put down a gas tank, a family of four to eat and sleep here. Two children are in school, a family of four with low profit and sales department to live together, in January less than 1000 yuan. Since 2008, Shaanxi County, Fugu province began to build affordable housing, gradually solve the housing difficulties of urban low-income families. And, according to media reports Fugu county to do this livelihood project is very good. In 2012, the Xinhua News Agency news map Allotment: Jing Niu Jia Gou area of low rent housing within the district. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on August 2012: "in the 2011 Annual security comprehensive evaluation of housing construction in Fugu County, Shaanxi province was named the top ten." This article titled "low-income housing construction like a raging fire" called "reported a high-rise unpluggingly and case, a rural low-income families of new homes, Fugu County low-income housing construction is like a raging fire." Liu Yuqin’s life is also a turning point, in 2010, the neighborhood notice she can apply for affordable housing. Always dreamed of a spacious, fixed residence of Liu Yuying相关的主题文章: